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ESWT questions

Posted by Rhonda on 10/22/03 at 07:54 (134957)

Does ESWT actually dissinegrate the heel spur? Does it do anything to improve TTS? I'm scheduled for TT Release, PF, and removal of the spur surgically in a couple months. The hospital where I work is condsidering doing ESWT. My boss is asking me to wait and try it first. What do you think?

Re: ESWT questions

Dr. Z on 10/22/03 at 11:32 (134987)

Hi Rhonda.

ESWT is used to micro trauam the disease, injuried non healing plantar fascia where it inserts into the bottom of the heel bone. It can't be used or help TTS. ESWT has its healing effect on the pf. The heel spur or what I call the calfication is a result of the damaged plantar fascia tear . The heel spur isn't what is causing the pain. The heel spur is the body trying to lay down bone to heal the injuried fascia