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Heel Pain after orthotic adjustment

Posted by Joe B. on 10/22/03 at 12:54 (134996)

I had been wearing orthotics for about a year for PF and heel spur in my
left foot. My DPM adjusted my orthotics by raising the heel, and I started
having pain in my right (good) foot. I assumed it was adjustment pain and would go away, but it persisted. Soon after, I had surgery on the left (bad) foot, and while in a hard cast had to obviously put extra weight on the right. My right foot pain is localized on the outside of my heel, and never varies from that spot. I feel the pain even at rest, and I also feel a weakness in my lower leg, up the outside of my calf to my knee. My DPM thought I might have a stress fracture, but X-Ray and MRI did not show one. A new set of orthotics did no good. This has now been hurting for about 10 months, with no improvement at all. I'm thinking of taking this out of the realm of Podiatry and seeing an Orthopedist. Any ideas? Thank You.

Re: Heel Pain after orthotic adjustment

Richard, C.Ped on 10/22/03 at 14:04 (135002)

Why did he raise the heel? Did he raise the heel on both orthotics or just one?

Re: Heel Pain after orthotic adjustment

Joe B. on 10/22/03 at 14:10 (135003)

Dear Dr.:

Thanks for the quick response. He raised both heels, I assume in response
to something to do with the other (left) foot, which had the PF and heel spur, and was eventually operated on. I had no issues with the right foot until that time.

From reading your site, the pain going up the outside of the leg makes
me think there possibly is some nerve issue. Am I jumping to comclusions?