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finally got neoutrin

Posted by stella on 10/22/03 at 14:25 (135005)

Ok i know i spelled it wrong ha ha .. but i finally got some help yesterday in getting this medicine i have wanted to try it forever but have no income. The salvation army heled me by paying for it. I hope this works! I called my dr but he wont call back i need to know can i take my ultram with this med or no?? thanks

Re: finally got neoutrin

marie on 10/22/03 at 16:44 (135028)

Best of luck to you!

Re: finally got neoutrin

Kathy G on 10/23/03 at 10:24 (135142)


I'm no doctor but I do have a brother-in-law who has chronic back pain. He takes his Neurontin along with his Ultram. If your doctor doesn't call you soon, call your pharmacy and ask the pharmacist. He'll know if they are compatible.

I'm so happy for you and I sincerely hope that these drugs will help you with your pain.

Good luck!

Re: finally got neoutrin

BrianG on 10/24/03 at 18:56 (135395)

Hi Stella,

You can find this information at any search engine, by typing in 'drug interactions'. I went to RxList.com to do a quick check for you. According to this website, the 2 drugs (Neurontin & Ultram) are compatible. There is one warning, about alcohol and Ultram. Still, it's only a web site. Too be sure, I'd call your pharmacy, as the others suggested.

Regards, and glad you finally got your meds!

Cut & Pasted from RxList.com

drug interactions

We found 1 interaction for:
Ultram, Neurontin (and food, alcohol, and tobacco)Click on a name to search for general product information.
Health Profile Items: Some items from your prescription history may be missing from this list. If so, please add the item now.
Please do not stop taking a prescribed medicine without consulting your doctor. We recommend that you discuss this information with your doctor or pharmacist.
Return to your medicine list to add another item.
Fill your prescription at drugstore.com.

Severity: Moderate
Description: Drinking ALCOHOL (or taking any product containing alcohol) while being treated with TRAMADOL may result in slowing down your nervous system.
Drinking alcohol while being treated with tramadol is not recommended. You may experience loss of balance, slurred speech, confusion, changes in mental awareness, or dizziness.

IMPORTANT: This tool doesn't include every possible interaction or account for individual responses to medicines. For example, very few studies examine how herbs, vitamins, and other supplements interact with medicines or each other. In addition, this tool doesn't list the increased effect you may experience when combining medicines with similar side effects. We recommend that you discuss this information with your doctor or pharmacist

Re: finally got neoutrin

marie on 10/24/03 at 21:41 (135405)


You're the best!