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Achilles Foot Pain post-surgery

Posted by Carolyn J on 10/23/03 at 01:46 (135107)

I live in Germany and was operated on in July and was on crutches for six weeks. The surgery was to correct Tarsal Tunnel, but they removed a bone spur from the back of my right heel. I had no physical therapy prescribed and asking the necessary questions in German was not easy for me, so slowly began exercising on my own. The heels seemed to be getting better, but I found with more rigorous dancing (I am a choreographer and teacher)I was getting a stabbing pain in the region of the Achilles with any movement involving impact. In short, I cannot 'land' on my right foot and I am not sure if this surgery created a created a situation where I am now unable to dance permanently. I have an appointment with the Ortho. in two weeks, but now I am thinking that I should go directly back to the hospital. I need to dance, this is my life.