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Injecting collagen

Posted by Pauline on 10/23/03 at 07:58 (135111)

I watched a program last night about the lengths Hollywood stars go to remain young and beautiful. I learned about Pods out there using collagen injections to increase fat pads on the bottom of some of Hollywood's greatest feet so they can wear those new really high heeled shoes in more comfort.

Do you know how long this practice has been going on and how effective is it at building up fat pads?

Can it be used on older people who actually have some fat pad loss and how long would it last or stay in place? What can be the complications of this procedure?

Would it be used to add covering over a neuromas on the sole of a foot to provide protection and eliminate pain, thus eliminating the need for surgery?

During the program, various doctors injected collagen in just about every nook and cranny to plump up, and cover up just about everything in the name of beauty.

It's the first time I heard about using it so women can wear high heeled shoes more comfortably.

Do you think collagen foot injections will become a new trend as shoe designs become worse for woman. I noticed no men having to go for them. Heck their shoes are designed for comfort instead of pain.

If you want to talk about a double standard I think it's certainly found in shoe design.

Re: Injecting collagen

Dr. David S. Wander on 10/23/03 at 08:03 (135113)

Pauline, collagen injections have been around a long time and many years ago there was a product marketed to podiatry called 'Keragen'. It was hoped that this would be ideal to inject for patients with atrophy of the plantar fat pad or to prevent painful localized calluses below the foot. The problems were basically that the injections were very costly, not covered by insurance, and had to be repeated regularly for any significant benefits. The foot is unique compared to other areas that are being injected with collagen, since it is a weightbearing area and is subject to significantly more stress than other locations. Hope this information helps.

Re: Injecting collagen

Pauline on 10/23/03 at 09:13 (135129)

Has it ever been used to provide a padded covering over a neruoma on the bottom of a person's foot? How effective was it for preventing calluses?

Is the procedure still as costly today since there seems to be more and more cosmetic surgeries being done in all areas of the body.

Re: Injecting collagen

Kathy G on 10/25/03 at 11:00 (135467)

Good question, Pauline. When I first developed foot problems, both my PCP and Pod mentioned that I have very little padding on the bottom of my feet which is unusual in that I'm not ALL that old and I've never been overweight. My son, who got PF at 28, said his Pod mentioned the same to him. I jokingly said that I'd like them to do liposuction and remove the fat in my stomach which I've developed with age and no exercise and inject it into my feet! I had no idea they ever used any form of collagen. Maybe the price will come down now that it's being used on a widespread basis cosmetically. I'm sure that insurance companies will never cover it, though.

Re: Injecting collagen

Dr. Z on 10/25/03 at 11:54 (135485)

I just a patient that had been referred to me for consultation post neuroma surgery. She has lost her fat padding from the foot surgery. Fat injections were then done. The pain did resolve but it only lasted for about three months. One of the complication from neuroma foot surgery is lost of fat padding. This is also a complication from two many local steriod injections. This is why the use of Alcohol injections are being used instead of local steriod injections for conservative neuroma treatment

Re: Injecting collagen

Pauline on 10/25/03 at 12:56 (135495)

What do you think you'll advise her to do? Neruomas seem very common place today. I've heard of people getting them on the bottom of their feet. Is that an atypical location for one to develop?

It's tooooo bad about collagen injections not lasting. Someone mentioned using one's own fat is that the same as collagen? I'm not sure what collagen's make up is, but wouldn't an injectable that stuck around be nice?

Re: Injecting collagen

Dr. Z on 10/25/03 at 14:03 (135500)

We use fat. not alot you can do we this type of patient's condition.when it fails.
The patient will have to change occupations

Re: Injecting collagen

Dr. David S. Wander on 10/25/03 at 15:31 (135507)

I agree and disagree with Dr. Z. Loss of fat padding should not be a complication of neuroma surgery if the surgery is performed properly. If the surgery is performed correctly, only nerve tissue/'neuroma' should be removed and no fat should be removed. There have been cases where doctors basically removed too much or 'everything' they saw to clear out the area. Obviously, this will result in major complications including loss of fat pad. But as previously stated, if neuroma surgery is performed correctly, there should be no loss of fat pad. Additionally, injecting fat into the plantar aspect of the foot has not proven to have any long lasting results. Hope this helps.

Re: Injecting collagen

Pauline on 10/25/03 at 16:05 (135511)

Dr. Wander,
Is foot fat pad loss genetic or does it happen to everyone as they age? I would imagine this is particularly bad for diabetics.

Re: Injecting collagen

Dr. Z on 10/25/03 at 18:11 (135544)

Loss of fat pad was probaby due to the long act multiple steriod injections before the surgery.

Re: Injecting collagen

Pauline on 10/26/03 at 07:44 (135593)

Will multiple steroid injections for P.F. near the heel cause fat pad loss in the ball of the foot too or is that just aging?

Re: Injecting collagen

Dr. Z on 10/26/03 at 11:18 (135615)

Alot of times the fat loss in the ball of your foot is due to fat diplacement. A patient will develop hammers or contracted metatarsal joints and the fat pad will diplace forward.
Multiple local steriod injections can cause fat loss at the site of injections . There is no relationship betweeen local steriod injections in the heel causing fat loss in the ball of the foot.