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ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis?

Posted by Cari C. on 10/24/03 at 12:33 (135317)

I have had chronic bilateral Achilles Tendinitis for over 2 1/2 years following micro-tears of the tendons. I have also had bouts with knee, elbow, and shoulder tendinitis in the last year. I have been in terrible pain since the tears and have received all kinds of treatments: physical therapy (land and aqua), iontophoresis, TENs, casting, splints, orthotics, spinal blocks, NSAIDS, opiates, etc. After seeing no fewer than 8 physicians in various areas, none have come up with a difinitive diagnosis (possible RSD) or treatment plan.

My question is directed towards the use of ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis. One of the physicians has suggested a implantable spinal stimulator. I feel this is more invasive than I desire. I would do it if this is my only option however. Is there any research regarding ESWT for the Achilles? If there is I would love to read it and take it to my physician for discussion. I like to go to my appointments prepared. Could you shed any light on this option?

Thank you.


Re: ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis?

Dr. Z on 10/24/03 at 12:50 (135326)

We have used ESWT for the past four years for insertional achilles tendonitis. It is very effective . Insertional is where the tendon inserts or attaches to the back of the heel bone. Go to the international Society Shockwave Therapy Web site and review the article about ESWT and achilles tendonitis. http://www.iswt.com

Re: Here is the web site

Dr. Z on 10/24/03 at 12:51 (135328)


Re: ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis?

David L on 10/24/03 at 14:09 (135345)

Cari....send me your fax number ((email removed)) and I will fax you some information relating to your condition that I do not have in electronic form

Re: ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis?

Cari C. on 10/25/03 at 00:27 (135428)

David thank you for faxing me the letter from the doctor citing his own successful experience with ESWT.


Re: ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis?

Dr. Z on 10/25/03 at 11:26 (135477)


I would love to see the literature regarding ESWT and Achilles tendonits. Would you mind faxing me the literature you received or could David L please fax this literature information to Dr. Z at 1-856-848-5122

Re: ESWT for Achilles Tendinitis?

Cari C. on 10/26/03 at 00:02 (135589)

Dr. Z:

The copy I received wouldn't fax very well. David I'm sure would be glad to. If not, I'll give it a try.