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Tatoos Templates and Tape

Posted by Adam P on 10/24/03 at 17:04 (135377)

These could be used to good effect.

If it doesn't work out, you could fill in the tatoo with color and, voila, the 'cause ribbon' of your favorite cause.

I hope other readers of these boards will join me in trying 1)
Futuro brand 'athletic' tape 2) Micropore brand paper tape and 3)
a NON-bridge taping method, more demanding though the method may be.

I think 2 inch wide Micropore, under only the arch/midfoot, gives
a surprising amount of support!

Futuro athletic tape may not use a strong enough adhesive, but it is
'fine' like Leuko tape. It conforms nicely.

Let's you and him fight, guys! ;-) AP