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knot on top of foot

Posted by Deborah S. on 10/24/03 at 23:18 (135425)

:-/ I have been having bad pain in my feet. I also have a knot on the top of my foot and the dr. sent for an xray. He said I have heel spurs. Is the knot from heel spurs. I was kinda not secure in the answer he gave me because I have never heard of heel spur's causing this problem.


Re: knot on top of foot

Dr. Z on 10/25/03 at 11:22 (135474)

Uou can have a bone spur on top of your foot. It sounds like there is a bone spur pressing into the soft tissue causing a knot or what is typically called a ganglion cyst. The heel spur is a completely separate area of the foot and is usally not related to the knot/spur on top of the foot.