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PTTD Stable After 22 Months

Posted by Charles C on 10/25/03 at 19:08 (135549)

Diagonosed with PTTD in January 2002 after several months of increasing pain. Podiatrist recommended immediate surgery with tendon transfer and ostoectomy. 2nd opinion from orthopedist, who categorized me with 2nd stage PTTD, recommended avoiding surgery at all costs, but recognized that surgery will eventually be necessary. Prescribed ibuprofen for pain.

Started self treatment program. Switched to low impact elliptical, from stair running, bought Alzner orthotics for both feet (classic arch) and started wearing Swede-O ankle loc during all waking hours on affected foot with orthotic. Take 800mg ibuprofen in morning.

After 22 months, pain is minimal, even after mountain hiking for hours. Combination of ankle-loc and alzner (tried scholls and other cheaper models to no avail), I believe, has made a big difference BUT cannot go barefoot or without supports or ankle loc for any extended period of time (hours) without feeling it.

Heel lift capability has improved - single heel no pain, some stability problems. Plan to go back to orthopod to check, but I feel the tendon has actually improved rather than degrade further. Shape of foot has changed significantly, arch is more prominent and I am on my 2nd size of alzner's - had to resize after 6 months. Biggest problem is finding the right shoe to fit both the Alzner and the ankle loc. Most comfortable shoe = one with stiff sole. Hunting/hiking high top boots are the most comfortable - they lock the entire ankle in place and are very stiff in the sole. Can hike for hours with no problem, but walking for 10 minutes in bare feet = arch pain.

Hopefully this helps.