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heel pain when not on feet

Posted by E. Jane Adler on 10/26/03 at 11:14 (135614)

The heel pain will often strike while I am sleeping or while driving....that is, in a resting position. Is this common with the PF condition? (I have seen several doctors including a neurologist about this awful heel pain.) Thanks for your consideration.

Re: heel pain when not on feet

Andrue on 10/29/03 at 08:40 (135926)

I have had that and even now I can feel some irritation from the inward side of my heels if I sit with my ankles at 90 degrees for too long.

In the worst stages of my saga I could cause strong discomfort (even pain) by placing my left ankle on my right knee and letting the foot drop down. The discomfort was at the classic pain site - the point of plantar insertion in the heel.

I think that what is happening is that pressure in one area (one that might be healthy and pain free) is redistributing (or trying to) the fluid in the inflamed area and obviously that triggered pain or at least discomfort.

In my case dangling the foot was tightening the tissue on the inside of my ankle/heel and that would squeeze the inflamation I have at the base of the arch. The same mechanism could (and did occasionally) trigger discomfort while lying in bed and in my clutch foot while driving.