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Black sky......

Posted by JudyS on 10/26/03 at 11:34 (135619)

Hmmmmm.......have you guys heard this from me before? The sky is a yellowish black this morning due to some truly serious fires in SD county. Carole, you'll remember the area north of Lakeside. That's the closest fire to us - about ten miles. It's already taken about 12,000 acres! The Santa Ana winds are blowing very hard so they're just making a mess out of things. Everything's all hot, hot, hot and dry, dry, dry.
One fire is extremely close to a development called Scripps Ranch and it's just eating up houses in minutes.
I woke up this morning asking my husband why the air was yellow! (Had my fair share of wine at dinner last nite......

Re: Black sky......

Julie on 10/26/03 at 12:04 (135622)

We just saw the San Bernadino fires on the news - people's houses burning to the ground. It's awful!

Re: Black sky......

Carole C in NOLA on 10/26/03 at 12:19 (135623)

Judy, that's really scary. Really, really scary.

Here's a fire story that I've just gotta tell. LOL

In the early 1980's, when I lived in Spring Valley, there was a runaway large fire along the ridge there that was big enough to be on CNN, and close to our home (it wasn't as large as this one, though). Anyway, there was a rocky steep hill in front of our house, and homes up there that we could see from the front door (about three blocks away), were destroyed by it. Lit embers were falling near us.

My (then) husband and I hitched up the boat trailer to the van, and filled both van and boat with irreplaceables. Then, he told me to drive it down to a large parking lot about a mile away, with our toddler daughter in her car seat, when we were told to evacuate. I had to drive off and leave him standing on the roof with a garden hose. It was our first house, but it seemed unimportant compared with him risking his life. That is so much scarier and harder to do than I had thought.

So anyway, that's my fire story. It makes me really appreciate what you must be feeling. Oh, the end of the story is that we had no damage.

Yes, I remember the area north of Lakeside. We took the boat fishing out on San Vicente almost every weekend, and that is a wondrous, beautiful lake. We didn't usually catch much, but saw so much beautiful wildlife up there, eagles and even herds of wild horses!! I always envied those who lived on the road up to the lake, because it would be so easy to go fishing without having to tow a boat trailer on the freeway. I suppose those homeowners don't feel so lucky right now.

I am shocked that the current fire is close to Scripps Ranch, and that it's already destroyed homes in the area!! Those awful Santa Anas make the fires nearly impossible to keep back.

Ten miles aay is too close for comfort. Take care, and I hope the Santa Anas die down and they can get this terrible fire under control. Keep us posted.

Carole C

Re: Black sky......

Carole C in NOLA on 10/26/03 at 12:26 (135625)

Oh, wait! Although we fished at San Vicente, upon looking at the map, now I remember that the lake we went to most and remember so clearly, with the wild horses, was El Capitan. They are both beautiful lakes.

Carole C

Re: Black sky......

lee on 10/26/03 at 13:03 (135629)

I'm sitting here completely couch-ridden due to surgery a week ago with a raging brushfire burning just across the freeway. It's becoming more and more unnerving. The news is much more excited about the fires in San Bernadino where more homes have been lost, so it's almost impossible to get information about whats going on here in east ventura county. I hate to think about evacuating and getting our stuff out of here with this huge cast on and wobbling around on crutches. Hopefully it won't come to that but the smoke seems to be getting awfully close.

Re: Black sky......

Carole C in NOLA on 10/26/03 at 13:12 (135631)

What you can do while on the couch, is to make a list of what you HAVE to take if the unthinkable happens and you need to evacuate. That way, if worse comes to worst, you will know exactly what you need and you can locate it quickly. Things like insurance policies, photos, money, important papers, and that kind of thing can go on the list, as well as a change of clothes and whatever else.

You can also get on the phone to line up some friends or relatives to help you pack the car, and determine where you will go if you have to leave.

It's actually not as much work as you'd think, because when the word comes to evacuate they want you to go immediately and there's no time to pack anything further.

I hope for the best for you, Lee. Keep us posted.

Carole C

Re: Black sky......

Carole C in NOLA on 10/26/03 at 13:33 (135640)

P.S., time to think about the pets, too. You don't want them to get lost at the last minute if the fire gets close. How close is it to you, Lee?

Carole C

Re: Black sky......

JudyS on 10/26/03 at 13:36 (135642)

Lee - Ventura County also? We haven't heard about them here in San Diego

Re: Black sky......

JudyS on 10/26/03 at 13:37 (135643)

Lee - are you making preliminary evac plans? Do you have people to help you?

Re: Black sky......

Carole C in NOLA on 10/26/03 at 14:24 (135655)


It's spreading so fast. Here's what I saw in the news about Ventura County and San Diego County:

'...in Ventura County, other wildfires were raging early Sunday in the hills above Simi Valley's Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and near Piru, where 300 homes were threatened for a time. The Simi Valley fire had burned 47,000 acres by daybreak, damaged 14 homes and was threatening as many as 2,000 structures. It had also shut down Highway 118, the main route connecting Ventura County to Los Angeles.
In San Diego County, three wildfires were burning, including one that had destroyed seven homes in a neighborhood of estates near Ramona, Sheriff's Department spokesman Chris Saunders said. The fire, which forced hundreds of people to evacuate, started when a lost hunter set off a signal fire to get attention, Saunders said. The man could face charges.
Two people believed to have been trying to escape the flames were found dead in a car, said Alice Contreras of the California Highway Patrol. Another fire in San Diego County destroyed about 20 homes near Valley Center and blackened about 1,000 acres Sunday.'

This is from the following link:



Re: Black sky......

marie on 10/26/03 at 15:28 (135666)


I hope you don't have to evacuate either but if needed please do so quickly. Best wishes to you. Good luck.