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plantar fascitis in serious athletics, and surgery options

Posted by Scott R on 10/26/03 at 19:45 (135689)

I am a serious athlete. I compete in Varsity College Basketball. I have had plantar fascitis on and off for almost 2 years. I have tried every treatment I can to help. I have been sleeping in a night splint for almost 2 years now, I get ultrasound before practice every day, I tape my foot before practice, I have custom made orthodics, I have had acupuncture, and physiotherapy. I just received my second injection of cortizone into the area. The first injection took care of all of the pain completely but a sudden recurrence of pain occured in practice about 6 months ago now, upon a heavy landing from jumping. The second injection took place in early october and I took a month or so off before that to try and heal. The second shot has worked for the most part so far, although the area does get somewhat sore sometimes and feels more 'numbed' than 'healed.' As 6 months is the last possible resort for me, I was wondering on success rates of surgery and recovery time and what is possible AFTER surgery in terms of training and athletics.