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heelspur pain / bumps?

Posted by Lorinda N on 10/27/03 at 00:15 (135716)

When I walk, I can feel bumps that are very painful on my feet. I can run my finger over them and feel them. Sometimes I walk funny, to avoid hitting these bumps on the bottoms of my heels (well..... lately most the time). I keep reading that heelspurs dont cause the pain. Is that always necessarily true?

Re: heelspur pain / bumps?

Patti R on 10/27/03 at 09:46 (135734)

I can't feel or see any bumps on the bottom of my foot but have a bump on the side of my foot. every so often I get a real bad pain in it. I think that this is all from when I sprained my ankle at the end of August on town property.

Re: heelspur pain / bumps?

Richard, C.Ped on 10/27/03 at 10:30 (135738)

We have made numerous orthosis for people with that exact problem. When we make the cast, we allow for those bumps. The orthosis has the negative bump bulit into it to allow that area to have the weight distributed away, thus reducing pain.

Re: heelspur pain / bumps?

LorindaN on 10/27/03 at 19:12 (135794)

So.. these bumps are? I believe they are the bone spurs. Is there another explaination for the bumps? Thus, the bone spurs are causing the pain?