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I'm sure we're all thinking of Judy and all the others

Posted by Kathy G on 10/27/03 at 08:42 (135728)

in California affected by this terrible tragedy. I wasn't planning to come online today but I had to check on Judy when I read in the paper how bad it has gotten. Then I saw her posts from yesterday. I just turned on CNN and watching it live is just so unbelievable. I can't even imagine what it's like. The paper said that because of a beetle infestation, there are many dead trees and they are catching fire even faster.

Carole gave Judy some great advice and Judy, as we all know, is very level headed so I'm sure that she took all the things that she thought were most important to her and her family. The most important thing, of course, is that she and her family get away safely.

I wish we could send the heavy rains expected here on the east coast today to the west coast. My prayers and thoughts will be with her and all the people who are facing this.

Note: They are just saying that the Santa Ana winds should diminish starting tomorrow.

Re: I'm sure we're all thinking of Judy and all the others

Lari S. on 10/27/03 at 09:40 (135733)

Living in northern Cal, we are getting a lot of fire coverage on the local news. It is really horrific! They are saying that the SA winds are still going to be a bad problem for the area, even though they are diminishing somewhat. Our thoughts and prayers are with Judy and everyone in the area.

Re: I'm sure we're all thinking of Judy and all the others

Suzanne D on 10/27/03 at 11:00 (135741)

I woke up at 4:00 this morning, and my first thought was of Judy and all those fires.

My prayers continue to be with her.