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Posted by Kathy G on 10/27/03 at 08:44 (135729)

I'm so sorry to hear of that terrible tragedy. How sad when someone takes innocent lives due to the pain in his own. And naturally, no one thought that you were being lighthearted when you signed with your usual smiley face. That's what we think of when we think of you!

Re: Thanks, Kathy!

Suzanne D on 10/27/03 at 10:59 (135740)

Yes, it is very sad. The report from the hospital this morning is that the little boy is going to make it. He is still seriously injured, but it does appear he will recover.

The young mother was a first grade teacher in a neighboring county. I have been thinking all morning of that room of students. How horrible for them to find out that their teacher was killed the night before.