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This is what I thought the board should be

Posted by Lari S. on 10/27/03 at 09:53 (135735)

I want to thank Scott for 'giving' back this board. I was under the impression that it had changed to 'heel pain' only, and since I'm lucky enough to not have had that particular pain, was really going to miss everyone here. It's nice to be able to 'keep up' with everyone, even if it is only 'fluff' as some had said, and offer what support can be given online to those on the board who are dealing with all types of life events.

Re: This is what I thought the board should be

marie on 10/27/03 at 16:18 (135772)

I'm glad you stopped back in.


Re: If kicking others off the board and making it to be what YOU want it to be is selfish and shows a lack of respect for those with different views

Frank on 11/06/03 at 22:30 (136608)

Is this a board for everyone or only to represent the needs of a select few?