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USA Today-OxyContin

Posted by John H on 10/27/03 at 15:32 (135763)

Last week I started a thread on pain meds and what I perceived to be damage done to patients suffering from chronic pain resulting from a recent news blitz about Limbaugh and other high profile people on pain killers.

USA Today had an article today which I think is on the mark and if you are in chronic pain should be a good read. I would even suggest you might show it to your Doctor as they are not always up to date. Go to:


Re: USA Today-OxyContin

BrianG on 10/28/03 at 08:27 (135835)

Thanks for the link, John. I read it, and even cut & pasted it to my own mail account. It's refreshing to read an article like this in a National newspaper. But, what I appreciate the most, is that you have gone out of your way to see the other side, and I applaud you for that :)

Pain Patients, John is right. If your having trouble convincing your doctor that your pain is legitimate, print this out for them. Some doctors unfortuatly need more educating than others. You have the right to be treated adaquetly for your pain!


Re: USA Today-OxyContin

Dr. Z on 10/28/03 at 09:03 (135840)

Excellent article !!!

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

Kathy G on 10/28/03 at 09:54 (135849)

Wow, what a great article, John! It brings up so many good points. One thing, in particular, that many people forget is that addicts snort Oxycontin. The don't take it orally. I don't think any doctor has ever written a prescription saying to grind it up and snort it four times a day!

Thanks for bringing the article to our attention!

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

dave r on 10/28/03 at 12:51 (135869)

On eof my coworkers just lost her uncle to an overdose of oxycontin.
Her family has a lawsuit now. I dont think they stand a chance. I guess
her uncle was smoking pot, and a heavy drinker. Probably not a good combination when you are on pain meds like oxy.....

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

john h on 10/28/03 at 13:50 (135871)

Brian: I do not know much about OxyContin but the article mentioned timed release capsules or pills taken twice daily. About 5 years ago I think the Doctor gave me OxyContin for a kidney stone which I do not think was time released. I do not even remember if it helped much or not as they put me on a morophine drip until they could remove the stone which was lodged in my urter.

Some idiot around here the other day smoked some weed spiked with snake venom, Guess what? he died.

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

Kathy G on 10/28/03 at 14:09 (135872)

Yuck - snake venom?? I'm a child of the sixties and never smoked pot but it was interesting that if I was at a party and politely refused, no one said a word. To this day, when I'm offered alcohol and politely refuse it, there's always some idiot who says, 'Oh, a little glass of wine won't hurt you.' Well, actually it would since I am acutely allergic to alcohol. This has nothing to do with Oxycontin but I remember that some 'bad' pot was on the streets when I was working at a psychiatric hospital as a secretary. One of the emergency admissions I had to type up was for someone who got some of the bad stuff. That, and seeing a guy on a bad acid trip, was enough to convince a twenty-year-old girl that she was right to 'just say no!'

My brother-in-law was in agony after back surgery for which the doctor prescribed Vicodin and a few other assorted pain meds. When he finally put him on Oxycontin, the pain was manageable. He took it for a couple of weeks and then weaned himself off of it. He now takes Ultram for the chronic pain that he still experiences. It's like anything - it works for some and not for others.

I just would hate to see it go the way of valium which still takes a bum rap despite being a useful drug.

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

Sher A on 10/28/03 at 19:15 (135891)

That was a good article, finally something from the other side, from the people who suffer not only from pain, but from those who make it more difficult to be treated for it. I can't stand the bias of the news media.

You all who can take oxy are so lucky, you have no idea. The only thing I can take is the Lortabs and they don't do much. When I was on a very small dosage of oxy, when all this mess started, I didn't put two and two together until I actually fell asleep at the wheel one morning on the way to work. Thankfully I only ran over the curb and didn't hit anything. I then fell asleep in a meeting a week later and nearly lost my job. There is no mercy at work for anything. You fall asleep and you lose your job, they don't care if you're having a stroke or what. But anyway, I fell asleep in a dr. waiting room, at a seminar. Finally I got the picture - it was the oxy because I'm not like that normally. Same thing happened with Kadian. I couldn't even read a book without falling asleep, much less understanding what I read. It scared the daylights out of me, and I'm pretty tolerant to most everything.

What I want to know is when are they going to make something that works on pain and doesn't kill you otherwise??

We have the technology to send someone to the moon. How come people have to still live in agony in the year 2003? I really want to know that.

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

marie on 10/28/03 at 19:29 (135895)

Finally got to the article...it's been one of those days.

Thanks...certainly gives us all something to think about. I know that the two friends I know who take oxycontin couldn't do what little they can do now without it.


Re: USA Today-OxyContin

BrianG on 10/28/03 at 20:40 (135901)

Hi Sher,

Unless your allergic to Codeine, I bet a knowledgeable pain doc could titrate you up to a workable dose of Oxy-Contin. You most likely have a very low tollerance to pain meds. If you were to start with Tylanol #3 for a couple weeks, then go to a 5mg Vicodan a day, for a month, then 2 a day for another month. Then a 10mg Vicodan, plus a 5mg normal Vicodan at the same time, you'd be up to 15mg of Codeine, twice a day, after a couple months time. At that point you could then most likely switch to the smallest dose of Oxy, which I think is also 15mg. The beauty of the OxyContin is that it is time release, which means no pain spikes. A nice. steady supply of the medication throughout the day and night.

Just a thought & good luck,

Re: USA Today-OxyContin

nancy s. on 10/28/03 at 21:51 (135908)

thanks for this, john, and also for the reply posts.

more of the 'other' side of the use of such medications needs to be publicized, and, as brian said, i'm happy to see it in a national newspaper.

so much distorted stuff about the dangers and mis-use gets publicized that i found myself wondering about my own approximately-three-times-weekly prescribed use of oxycodone (much less strong, even).

my conclusion, after some extra checking, is that my doc is enlightened (which i've sensed all along, about this and other subjects), and that i'm doing fine and have no need to worry. vigilance is one thing, mindless worry and suspicion another.


Re: USA Today-OxyContin

BrianG on 10/29/03 at 09:20 (135931)

Hi Nancy / all,

I'd just like to add that no one who is getting their pain meds from a qualified, compassionate, doctor need to worry about the amount they are taking. Most patients will titrate up to a leve that is helpful for them. When the drug is no longer needed, they will slowey taper the person down, with very little discomfort. What is important to remember is to never just stop taking a prescribed narcotic, without first notifying your doctor.


Re: USA Today-OxyContin

nancy s. on 10/29/03 at 12:37 (135946)

good reminder, brian.