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Swelling below inside bump of ankle

Posted by Andrue on 10/28/03 at 07:14 (135831)

Once or twice someone posts here asking about this - I know I did once and there was a thread a couple of weeks ago) but an answer never seems forthcoming. Well today I happened across a couple of sites that suggest a likely cause. I don't know why I never found this info before but there you have it.

The sites suggest that a likely cause is tenosynovitis/tendinitis of one or more of the tendons that course down the inside of the ankle.

Interestingly as my feet have improved I've become more aware of minor discomfort in various places and I do have point tenderness along the inner bump (medial malleous) and for a couple of centimetres above it. I actually thought at first it was shin splints but it's a bit too low for that and doesn't normally hurt unless prodded.

Now this makes /excellent/ sense for me - more so than plain ol' PF. It explains how someone who is not overwheight, mid 30s and has always walked a lot can develop foot pain. It's overuse as one of my pods and Dr. Kiper say.

I had started a more intensive walking 'program' six months prior as well as using an exercise bike for nearly a year.

Like as not (feel free to comment) the subsequent problems I've had have been the result of my feet adapting and/or me walking funny to avoid putting pressure on the swelling.

I now believe that all those secondary problems are healing so the 64 million dollar question has to be:Is there anything specific I can do to help treat this tendonitis?

Re: Swelling below inside bump of ankle

Dr. Z on 10/28/03 at 09:02 (135839)


Tendonitis especially posteror tendonitis is very common with or without plantar fasciitis. Treatment consists of rest, taping, NSAID, physical Therapy (ultrasound , electrical stimulation, ionophoreis).
Some times a boot cast. I like unna boot and or taping for this condition.
If there is arch pain and you have an abnormal biomech gait either powersteps and or custom made orthosis could help.
IF all fails a hard cast to rest the foot should be tried.

Re: Swelling below inside bump of ankle

Andrue on 10/28/03 at 11:19 (135860)

I see. Curiously (or not, perhaps) I have no other symptoms of PTT. I can stand on my toes without any difficulty and as long as nothing pushes on the swelling or spot just above the malleous I'm fine.

Thanks for the treatment suggestions, BTW.