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My own share of problems

Posted by wendyn on 10/29/03 at 06:17 (135917)

I woke up last night at midnight and I could barely see across the street. We went from beautiful fall weather to blizzard conditions.

I'm up at 5:00 a.m. planning to leave over an hour early for work.

It's going to be a gross drive in today.....I have a presentation to do for 30 people at 9:00 a.m., so I'm thinking that at least I need to be there on time (even if no one else is!!)

Re: My own share of problems

wendyn on 10/29/03 at 06:21 (135918)

And no, this in no way compares to what people in California are dealing with (by any stretch). Just my little issues for this morning.

Re: My own share of problems

Rick R on 10/29/03 at 06:31 (135919)

Just remember, tell them what your'e going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.

Have a safe drive!!


Re: My own share of problems

Carole C in NOLA on 10/29/03 at 07:11 (135921)

Wendy, I hope your drive was uneventful, and that your presentation went well!

Carole C

Re: My own share of problems

JudyS on 10/29/03 at 13:58 (135955)

Yikes Wendy - a blizzard! Send it south!

Stay safe.

Re: My own share of problems

marie on 10/29/03 at 15:33 (135959)

Oh boy! I just can't wait for snow. Be careful out there!


Re: My own share of problems

Suzanne D on 10/29/03 at 15:46 (135966)

Brrr!! Hope you had a safe trip to work and a good meeting, Wendy!

Suzanne :)

Re: My own share of problems

Necee on 10/30/03 at 00:51 (135989)

Are those blizzard conditions normal for this time of year Wendy?
I sure wish for once we could have a big snow storm here in Texas. We need it so bad, the insect population is getting worse every Summer because we just don't have harsh enough winters to kill them out.

Anyway...hope you had a safe drive in to work, and that things went well for you.

Happy trails....


Re: My own share of problems

nancy s. on 10/31/03 at 04:10 (136043)

'Just remember, tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.'

i'm a little slow this week. rick, is this an official part of 'organizational behavior'? i'm writing it down. it's funny, but it also works and probably is even important because generally people can't absorb what they hear as well as what they read. i haven't done any public speaking in about 20 years, due to severe stage fright, but this little time filler will help a lot on the next occasion.

the following also helped, the last time: if you're talking about something they haven't studied, or talking about something you've experienced that they haven't, it's all new to them and they aren't judging you.

the last time i gave a talk was to my work organization after returning from an oral-history research project i participated in in newfoundland. notice that total honesty helped: i drew a map of the area i'd traveled to, and right off the bat confessed that no one met me at the airport in st. john's when i arrived and that my first reaction to that challenge was to go cry in the airport bathroom. some guy cracked up when he heard that, and it was clear sailing from then on.

how'd it go, wendy?


Re: My own share of problems

wendyn on 10/31/03 at 07:12 (136044)

Sorry to drop that note in the other day, and then just disappear.

It's minus 2 F here, and it's going to be a VERY icy, cold halloween for the kids. The roads are terrible, it's taking people at least twice as long to get to work. I've been leaving really early and hitting the gym (which is near my office).

By the time I get home, I'm too tired to read email or look at the computer.

The presentation went amazingly well. Despite the horrible road conditions, all but 1 person showed up. Nancy, I used to tell people I was afraid of public speaking, but I've stopped doing that. I've been in too many situations over the last 2 years now, where I had to do it anyway. Decided that I don't have the time or energy to be afraid of it any more. Also, it gets easier every time you do it.

Rick is right with his points. I went over the objectives, gave them the info, and then went over what we did. (The review only has to be brief). It helps people retain and understand what they heard.

Some of the presentation had the potential to cause some really negative reactions, but it didn't. I think one thing that helped was coming right out with the issues that were floating around in everyone's mind anyuway (stuff some people may try to avoid dealing with).

Nancy - this would be similar to your honesty about the bathroom incident. I think it changes the atmosphere and the tone when people realize first off that you're going to be HONEST with them. Sad, but true.

Thanks for asking!!!!

Re: My own share of problems

Rick R on 10/31/03 at 07:51 (136047)


The phrase is a classic mantra of public speaking. I have been at it since 1978 to varying degrees. From 1986 to about 1990 roughly 25% of my job was yacking, or preparing to speak in front of folks for a military contractor. Even though I was hired to manage a production program ( a big chunk of the Apache Helicopter)the primary criteria was public speaking. I have seen grown men literally brought to tears in program reviews. The Army can be a tough crowd you know. I survived by a combination of honesty, even when my corporate mission was essentially to lie, structure/organization, and this may come as a shock, humor.

Your point is equally important and I wish I thought to share it with Wendy. You are the usually the expert up there. I have had the opportunity to speak in front of people that new my topic better than I did. I was fresh off the campus and training grizzled veterans how to work our products. The geezer training me insisted I practice my spiel in front of a mirror then in front of him, I stunk up the joint. Next time I did it my way. I told the group that I knew they knew more in total than I did but I had information that would help them, but I just wasn't sure what part of my presentation that help may come from. I also thanked them for the opportunity to learn from them and made it a two way thing. I promised to lie to them at least once just to see if they were on their toes. This way I could use that as my excuse if I screwed up. And I did have a common industry misconception to share and demolish. No sctipt, just an outline and I went with the flow. It's been my style or lack of ever since. Back in the good old days I used to get away with an occasional provocative photo. That kept them awake.

By the way, from what I think I know of Wendy I don't think she has any difficulty speaking in public.


Re: My own share of problems

nancy s. on 10/31/03 at 17:38 (136094)

this was all most interesting and educational.

from what i know of wendy, too, i didn't imagine she'd get TOO nervous. after all, she is an *E*NTJ. and look what she wrote here: something like she didn't have time or energy to be nervous.

a college professor once assigned me, an *I*NFP, to lead a seminar on molly's soliloquy at the end of Ulysses. i was a nervous wreck, so nervous that i went to him the day before to try to get out of it. i pleaded. he looked me in the eyes and exclaimed: 'nervousness is a bourgeois affectation that can be gotten over with a minimum amount of effort.'

oh no! in 1972 it was extremely uncool to be bourgeois, so i went ahead and ran the seminar. it was not good, though! and i never got over that professor. (obviously.)