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running and tts

Posted by dave s. on 10/29/03 at 12:53 (135947)

just wanted to know if there are any runners out there who has had tts.i had my surgery on 10/8 and today(10/29)is the first day i can walk and put pressure on my right foot.the healing pain i have now is a pleasure compared to what i had prior to surgery.any time line on actually running?thank you.

Re: running and tts

marie on 10/29/03 at 19:04 (135975)

Glad you're doing so well after your surgery. I was a runner way back. I switched to walking and biking several years ago because my knees were starting to bug me...probably the start of tts. I didn't have the surgery but am hoping to run again some day...I'd be happy with a light jog around the block. Until then I am going to have to live vicarously through folks like you...please keep us updated.

best wishes marie

Re: running and tts

Terry D on 10/29/03 at 19:56 (135977)

Dave, I'm a runner age 53. I am 6 months post op and began running for about 12 min at 4.5 months. I don't have pain but still have lots of numbness. I sprint jog and also run slowly.....much much slower then I used to run. I had a progressive tumor which really hit me hard last Jan. 9th. I was in such good shape at that time. I hated not being able to run and the thought of a few weeks off hurt. But finally I had to accept that this is a aserious nerve problem. I'm hoping my nerves will continue to regrow and by next summer I will be able to rum much like I have my entire life.