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Nerve pain after surgery

Posted by Margie on 10/30/03 at 09:17 (135998)

After suffering for nine long months with PF, and did the MRI, X-rays, ice packs, stretching, orthodics, PT, night splints, cortizone shots, special padded socks, and the new 'Spring Shoes', I gave up and had the open PF surgery on Sept. 9th. The surgery seemed pretty easy. I walked out of the hospital with the boot and was home within 2 hours. The stitches were removed two weeks after surgery and about that time I began having the awful nerve pain again. I went back to see the surgeon last week and he wrote me a script for the Lidocaine 5% Patch, as he did not want me to continue taking the Vicodin as I had in the past. Well, sadly the patches are not working, and the pain is about to drive me out of my mind. I have had to quit my job, and I'm wondering if I'll ever be able to have a normal life again. Btw, the Vicodin really did help, but I'm thinking my doctor didn't want me to become addicted to them. I just put a call in to my doctor this morning to see if there is anything else he can do for me. If he doesn't feel like he can help me any longer then I am going to ask him if he will refer me to a pain management specialist.
Has anyone else had this horrible nerve pain this long after surgery, and if so...what did you do for the pain? I am at my wits end with this pain. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Margie

Re: Nerve pain after surgery

Dr. Z on 10/30/03 at 15:43 (136017)


Pain medication, physical therapy. Cast, and or neurotin are some of the treatment to look into. It take six months to one year for this surgery to get better

Re: Nerve pain after surgery

april l on 10/30/03 at 21:01 (136028)

Does the pain feel like it's shooting up your leg? Do you feel it when you try to pull your toes towards you? I had those kinds of pains, very intense for many weeks (had surgery Aug. 22) I spent alot of time stretching, gently forcing my foot as far forward as I could tolerate. I am not feeling that pain anymore. I don't know if this was nerve related, my PT thought it might be. I still have lots of other pains, but with my previous surgery it took over a year to heal.

Re: Nerve pain after surgery

Margie on 10/30/03 at 21:24 (136034)

I have Neurotin 300 mg. but the bottle say's to take it at night. Will this help me during the daytime? I only tried it once so far, and it knocked me out real quick and I slept like a baby. My doctor has not mentioned PT as yet and sadly does not want me on pain meds. It's just been about 7 weeks since surgery....I'm in terrible pain and can't imagine why he does not want to give me any thing. His nurse did call me back today and she said that he would like me to go to a pain management doctor. Heck, does this mean that he is giving up on me already? I was beginning to think that my surgery had failed...but then again if you say that it can take up to 6 months for the foot to heal then I have a long ways to go. Thanks Dr. Z. I really appreciated your input. Margie

Re: Nerve pain after surgery

Margie on 10/30/03 at 21:31 (136036)

No, the pain doesn't feel like it's shooting up my leg....but my lower back and hip are hurting on the same side as the PF surgery. I had surgery for a herniated disc L-5 S-1 about one year ago, and have always wondered if this surgery had anything to do with the PF. I am able to curl my toes forward with not too much problem. I also do the stretching about 3-4 times a day...and hopefully this will help.
Thanks! ~ Margie

Re: Nerve pain after surgery

Kathleen on 10/31/03 at 20:13 (136107)

It took you that long? I had the surgery four months ago and it seems to be getting sorer in the arch and heel again. By completely healed do you mean pain free? I have not had any physical therapy. I have had no pain killers for about a month. But it definately will not let me stand or walk very long without pain. It even hurts when I am lying in bed sometime. Is that normal for this time frame? Any suggestions as to what I can do? I had an open release of between 1/3 to 1/2

Re: Nerve pain after surgery

april l on 10/31/03 at 20:31 (136110)

For me, it took a long time for my first EPF to heal. Eight months after the surgery I even saw an orthopedic surgeon because I was still in pain and thought the surgery was a complete failure. I was very upset, however, gradually, without me realizing it even, the pain went away. I have NO pain at all in that foot and it really did take over a year and then some. I don't know if that is usual, but it happened to me. My current doctor said 6 mos. to a year to recover fully. Now with my recent surgery, I have noticed the pain is worsening. My doctor says PT is crucial so I am going to go back (I stopped it for awhile). I get discouraged because just when I think it's getting better, it hurts worse and in different parts of my foot. I just keep reminding myself that I've been thru all this before and it did eventually heal 100%.