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Left Foot outter pain

Posted by Patti R on 10/30/03 at 13:16 (136009)


For the last 6-8 weeks I have had pain on the outter part of my left foot which has a shooting pain up to my baby toe. I have a lump on the left side of my foot also. I sprained my left foot about 6-8 days before 8/24. I wore an air cast for the full 6 weeks. Can someone please tell me if this could be plantar fasiitis?????

Re: Left Foot outter pain

Dr. Z on 10/30/03 at 15:41 (136016)


If could be plantar fasciitis ( lateral band). It could be peroneal tendon
tendonitis. May have a stress fracture. May need an MRI for further evaluation

Re: Left Foot outter pain

Patti R on 11/01/03 at 08:57 (136121)

can you tell me if from having this pain & PF can one foot get alot tired quicker then the other one? I just only walked about 10 minutes & my left foot feels like I walked on it for hours.