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rolling pin stretch?

Posted by kelly on 11/02/03 at 02:49 (136180)


Has anyone with pf tried the rolling pin stretch? Is this good or detrimental?


Re: rolling pin stretch?

Steve G on 11/02/03 at 17:49 (136211)

Kelly - I have tried both the pin and the tennis ball at various points. Both of these have been discussed on the board. I think the key is to be gentle in this type of stretch and don't put to much pressure on the fascia. I don't think either of these is much good in terms of a cure, but the tennis ball, in particular, felt good when I did it -- kinda like scratching an itch.

Re: rolling pin stretch?

Ron B on 11/02/03 at 19:25 (136216)

I have used the rolling pin stretch. My Doc. has me using a 20 oz. Soda bottle with frozen water in it. I know everyone talks about icing. But icing seems to make things worse for me. When I got home from work this morning my right foot felt pretty good my left was so-so, so I iced them and took a nap. when I got up both feet HURT like crazy. took awhile to walk it off. anyone else have problems with ice???
I am trying a tennis ball as I sit here now. feels good but don't think it helps with the cure. I have been fighting PF for about 8-10 months. have good and bad days like everyone else. I work on my feet all night. I can't afford to take time off to rest them.

Re: ice/heat

Suzanne D. on 11/02/03 at 19:36 (136218)

Yes, Ron, I have always had trouble with icing my feet. I have had PF for over 2 years now, with much gradual improvement, but still bad days. My doctor also told me to roll my feet on water frozen in a plastic soda bottle. I did this without fail for several months but finally gave it up as I just could not see that it helped me, and, like you said, it often made me feel worse. I then tried the frozen vegetable packages like others mentioned, and they felt better than the soda bottle, but I would still end up with my feet hurting.

For me, although it doesn't seem to make sense, heat makes my feet feel better. I have a microwavable pad that I often use around my neck when I have migraines. (Here again, ice does not help my headaches as it does for some, but heat does.) Sometimes I heat it up and put both my feet on it, and that feels good.

Gentle stretching, like the Yoga exercises described for us by Julie, taping, and changing shoes (even 2 or 3 times during the day) seems to help me more than most other things I've tried.

Good luck to you!
Suzanne :)

Re: ice/heat

Ron B on 11/04/03 at 16:25 (136371)

Went to see my Doc this morning for the first time since last Feb. I told him about the cold making things worse. He said its bothering my nerves. said to try warmth. I use a stick on patch that creates a low heat. they're called 'salonpas' you can use them anywhere on your body for pain. ben-gay makes a patch along with several other brands. He is checking into my insurance for the ESWT. he thinks mine will cover some of it. said he won't charge me anything, just what the insurance gives him. so if they cover it, I;m going to give it a try. I also bought some DMSO today. my feet feel pretty go today (my day off) I will try it when they begin to hurt. the doc. said give it a try but make sure sure it is pure and my feet and hands are clean because it will take anyting into the body with it!!

Re: ice/heat

Suzanne D. on 11/04/03 at 16:38 (136374)

Ron, I hope the 'salonpas' patches help you! I bought a package of stick-on pads which heat up when you open them and stay warm for hours. I got them to take to school for those times when I get migraines. I used one the other day, placing it on the back of my neck. It never got as warm as the microwave pad, but then it had the advantage of staying warm the rest of the school day. I haven't tried them on my feet, but I'll do that. Thanks for explaining what your doctor told you.

Good luck with the ESWT! My pain has always been in the arch area more than the heel, so it never seemed to be something for me to consider.

Take care!
Suzanne :)

Re: ice/heat

Ron B on 11/04/03 at 20:13 (136392)

The patches do help some, the other night I had pain in my shoulders up into my neck.even gave me a bit of a headache. My wife tried to massage it out. four hours later when I got up the pain was completely gone.. the patches don't create lots of heat just a warm feeling. they are cheap enough. so do they help you?? I'm still wait for enough pain to try the DMSO that I bought today. had a pretty good day today. but it was my day off.

Re: ice/heat

Suzanne D. on 11/04/03 at 21:40 (136401)

I was off today, too, Ron, as it was Election Day. So my feet feel more rested tonight!

The warm patch that I used when I had a migraine a couple of weeks ago did seem to help. From years of migraines, I know I need to do some things as soon as possible to feel better: apply heat to the back of my neck, take my migraine medicine with food, and have something to drink with caffeine.

The microwave pads feel really good to me, but they cool down fairly quickly, and sometimes I get so used to the heat that I almost burn myself by repeatedly heating and reapplying the pad. So perhaps the new warm patch will be safer and better in the long run.

I think the next time my feet are really hurting at school, I will place one of those pads under my arch and see what happens. I usually keep a pair of Arizonas at school in case I need to change if I'm wearing my SAS shoes or Annapolis Birks. It might be easier to use the patch while wearing the sandals. I'll let you know if that helps or not.

Good luck,
Suzanne :)