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message for BrianG

Posted by Lynne C. on 11/02/03 at 06:46 (136182)

Hi Brian, don't know if you remember helping me out a few months back. I wanted to give you and the others an update. If you remember I have had PF for about 24 months now. My predetermination was declined by my insurance, which I find amazing since we are self funded and workers comp is paying for treatment on tennis elbows on a regular basis, also found out about one case of treatment of PF on workers comp, but it was 'unsual circumstances'.We had our annual health fair at work and a local POD was there pasing out flyers on Ossatron. How can they advertise it as a option for PF when our insurance and workers comp. will not pay for it? Maybe I'm just not seeing the right people.
Anyway, I started PT about 5 weeks ago going by-weekly and not a lot of changes until approx. 1 and 1/2 weeks ago. My PT tried something new to me,
not sure of the name but she put meds. on a patch and hooks some type of electrodes. This has made an unbelievable difference. I still have uncomfortable times,it is never completely pain free and still very careful about what I do.No excersing at all only stretches and work. One point I wanted to make is she has really focused on my Toes, which I never considered doing. Now when I do the runners stretch I don't keep my foot flat on the floor, I begin at my toes and roll down very slowly until my heel reaches the floor also. Hope I explained that well enough, and maybe it will help some one else.
I know my PF is not heeled and will return to the severity as before if I don't continue the treatments. I'm not sure how long the docs will let me continue PT, or if this treatment will cure it, It has eased off enough to allow me to slow down the oral meds.
Well wish me luck I am going to try for an appeal to the insurance comp. I long for the day to go on walks, or the local fair. It would be nice to be able to take care of the yard and work in the flower beds with out wearing knee pads and crawling thru them. Thanks for all your help and this site, Lynne C.

Re: message for BrianG

BrianG on 11/02/03 at 22:36 (136235)

Hi Lynne,

Good to hear from you again. It sounds like your still working, probably on the same, HARD concrete!! My Pod once told me that heel pain really got worse when all the factories, and work places, started usng concrete and steel, rather than good old wood. If you can get your Pod to agree, it may help your case. I'm sorry you still have PF, but I'm sure you know that you are your best advocate. Don't give up the fight, appeal to the highest levels any procedures that you think will be of help. And don't forget the search engines, you can find a wealth of information that can help you with your case. Don't be afraid to use it. Keep notes, make sure your Doc's are on your side, it can help in the long run.

The Ossatron may, or may not, be of help. You owe it to your feet to at least try it. Good luck with your case, I hope you'll find the answers that your looking for. If I can be of help, let me know, I'll do what I can. As for myself, I've had two treatments with the Dornier Epos, without any healing. I still haven't given up hope, as I know there is something out there that will help me, I just haven't found it yet, hahahaaaa.

Good luck,

Re: message for BrianG

Rick B on 11/22/03 at 22:31 (138415)


How long have you had PF? I'm looking (seriously, for the first time) at ESWT, and have had PF for three years. I'm trying to get a sense whether it might be effective for someone whose had it longer than a few months. Morning pain is much less than it was initially, but I do have persistent low level pain which is easily provoked by activity.

Rick B.