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Pain in Whole Foot

Posted by Rachael T. on 11/02/03 at 15:48 (136204)

John, I hear your pain! & I know others do too that address this PF problem daily. I know that I felt pretty hopeless along this PF journey that has lasted 2+ yrs....it will be 3 yrs. in April. Hang in there & talk to your family physician if your pod. isn't helping you enough. My fam. phys. wrote a couple of scripts for me to try that did help - & also sent me to Phys. Therapy & ordered new orthotics.....all these things did help me. Sure, I am not healed - wish I were! But, I can ride my bike, ride a horse once again, & shop some! I just 'budget' my feet & know better my limits now that the extreme pain has passed. And, yes, there are some worse days - but never as bad as they were 2 years ago! So hang in there - talk to your fam. dr. & keep doing ice therapy, massages, & non-weight bearing stretches. Good Luck...& know that someday your pain will be more manageable!

Re: Rachael

Steve G on 11/02/03 at 17:45 (136209)

Rachel - I saw you had a set back the other day; however, it sounds like things are getting better. I also bought a pair of those 'mold to the foot' orthodics that you mentioned the other day. I have not tried them out yet, but I have the box sitting here next to me. I will post a note at some point to give my opinion about 'em.

Re: Rachael

RACHAEL T. on 11/03/03 at 21:19 (136302)

Thanks Steve-I await your input & opinion on the 'self-heated/molded' orthotics. Yes, my major ouchiness has dissipated & I am back on only 800mg daily of Ibuprofin & back to action! (I am still wearing my orthotics & my Ariel Sneakers for biking & my Ariat Stable boots for barnwork.) I rode 6 miles on my bike yesterday; I biked 6 miles today again & rode my horse too!!! (Truly a great day & the feet are still good!) I could have never done this months ago; nor for the past 2+ years!! I am thankful for this recovery & yet trying to be cautious. It has been beautiful weather here & I am taking advantage of the sunshine & of my feet's recovery!! But, I continue to search for the 'perfect fit' for my feet. Seems like we are on the same wave's length for our different attempts at healing! I am anxious to hear how those molded/heated orthotics come out for you ....Let me know how you molded them & how you 'corrected' them if needed & how they feel? I await your reply.