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physical therapy

Posted by Lee H on 11/03/03 at 22:46 (136308)

I am in my second week of PT after pins were taken out after 6 weeks. I also had cheliectomy(spelling) on big toe. Well now my toe joint is so stiff from being in boot 6 weeksm and the 3 toes that had pins feel weird. I also am getting a red spot on the side of my foot under pinky toe, it wasnt pinned. Is it possible I have to get different shoes? I have top of the line new balance that I used pre surgery with orthodics. I dont know if my foot changed or what. I also have pain. Can anyone answer ? I have merryl shoes and birks, but they are not D width. I never wore D, it was just for orthodics. I am frustrated. I had surgery Aug 20..when will I be normal???

Re: physical therapy

Pauline on 11/04/03 at 10:19 (136341)

I'm not a doctor, but with surgery anything is possible so my best advice for you would be to contact your doctor immediately.

That red spot that's forming is trying to tell you something and should be looked at.

He would be in a better position to diagnose the problem, assess your shoes and orthotics. You may need your orthotics adjusted and may have to try different shoes to find comfort, but I'd start with a return visit to your doctor's office.