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Can heat help?

Posted by Rich on 11/04/03 at 08:25 (136325)

I have been icing for 4 months. I was wondering if anyone has had luck with heat. Has anyone tried contrast baths? Has anyone used topical creams or something like Joint-ritis? I am open to other suggestions.

Re: Can heat help?

Pam S. on 11/04/03 at 09:00 (136327)

It sounds like you are really struggling right now. I feel for you. Just keep at it. You are smart for continuing to ask questions. It is a 'process' to find what works for you.

I do not have PF. I have TTS. It is hard to tell the difference because they both equal quite a bit of pain. Alot actually. I have had good success with the contrast baths. Do not use really hot water and always finish with cold water. I never know how long to do this for. I just rotate back and forth about l0 times. I believe this aids in healing.
I have noticed some people on these boards do not have luck with ice, just heat. See what works best for you.

There are creams out there for inflammation but I have lost the information. Maybe someone has that.

Hang in there. I totally understand how frustrating this all is. You WILL get better in time. Warmly, Pam

Re: Can heat help?

Rich on 11/04/03 at 09:08 (136329)

Thanks, Pam. I really appreciate the support I am getting here.

Re: Suggestions concerning icing technique

Carole C in NOLA on 11/04/03 at 09:51 (136337)

Yes, people have used those things (but not me, personally). I will let others address heat, contrast baths, and topical creams.

I would imagine that you are sick of icing, but that's what I'm going to talk about anyway. I didn't have much luck with icing for the first few months either. I was putting my foot on a baggie full of ice cubes for a few minutes, and that did absolutely nothing for me. I found out that you really have to work at getting the right icing technique and ice a lot. John H. encouraged me to keep trying, and here's what I found out works for me.

First, I threw away the ice cubes in the baggy, and put away the gel packs, and instead simply got a large bag of frozen peas. That conforms to the shape of the foot, and gets enough colder than the gel packs that it seems to make a difference for me.

Next, work on the same foot for at least fifteen minutes to a half hour. Put the foot barefoot on the bag of frozen peas, wiggle it around until the bag conforms to the shape and the cold peas are everywhere, and keep it there until it begins to hurt a little and feel uncomfortable.

Then you have to take it off for a minute or so, so that you don't get frostbite. When you feel that you can, put it right back on and keep it there until it begins to hurt again.

Repeat constantly for at least fifteen minutes or so.

That's a lot longer than I had been doing, and it makes a huge difference for me. Maybe you can figure out an icing technique that works better for you.

Wishing you the very best,

Carole C

Re: Oh, and I forgot.....

Carole C in NOLA on 11/04/03 at 09:55 (136338)

I forgot to mention that icing works best for me when I do it at a time where I don't have to stand up for a half hour or so afterwards.

I can do it while watching the TV before bedtime. Then, I can sit there and let my feet warm up naturally for a half hour or so right after icing, before I walk to my bed and lie down to sleep.

Carole C

Re: Here is a website for compounding pharmacy

Pam S. on 11/04/03 at 10:36 (136346)

I found a copy I saved from an old post by Sharon W. dated 4/29/03. I do not have the computer skills to cut and paste this on here or I would. The website is http://www.drugs-r-us.org/treatments.html . This is under the treatments category if you have time to search for it.

You need a prescription for these creams. I have never tried one of these types of creams. Maybe someone has. Look it up and see what you think. You can then discuss it with your doctor.

I recently found out about an anti-inflammatory ointment called Traumeel. It is homeopathic so you do not need a prescription. Call this number 1-800-621-7644 or http://www.heelbhl.com . I hope this is correct I can barely read the label!!! Who knows whether it will help. But with a natural ointment you have nothing to lose. Take care, Pam

Re: Suggestions concerning icing technique

john h on 11/04/03 at 10:51 (136350)

Professional baseball pitchers, after pitching a game immediately put their shoulder and elbow in big bags of ice and wrap them securely to their arms an shoulders to minimize inflamation.

Re: Can heat help?

Suzanne D. on 11/04/03 at 10:57 (136351)

Rich, I am copying below a message for you which I posted a few days ago on another board about heat/ice. I don't know if anyone else has ever had my experience, but I'm sharing it with you for what it's worth.

I have always had trouble with icing my feet. I have had PF for over 2 years now, with much gradual improvement, but still bad days. My doctor also told me to roll my feet on water frozen in a plastic soda bottle. I did this without fail for several months but finally gave it up as I just could not see that it helped me, and, like you said, it often made me feel worse. I then tried the frozen vegetable packages like others mentioned, and they felt better than the soda bottle, but I would still end up with my feet hurting.

For me, although it doesn't seem to make sense, heat makes my feet feel better. I have a microwavable pad that I often use around my neck when I have migraines. (Here again, ice does not help my headaches as it does for some, but heat does.) Sometimes I heat it up and put both my feet on it, and that feels good.

Gentle stretching, like the Yoga exercises described for us by Julie, taping, and changing shoes (even 2 or 3 times during the day) seems to help me more than most other things I've tried.

Good luck to you!

Re: Oh, and I forgot.....

Rick R on 11/04/03 at 12:48 (136358)

Good final point. I had/have the best results from any treatment designed to reduce inflammation, drugs, massage, ice right before bed. I used to crawl to bed, even when I was sober.


Re: Can heat help?

Ron B on 11/04/03 at 16:42 (136375)

I tried rolling my foot on the frozen pop botttle and sticking them into the frozen bag of peas. I hate to say it BUT it made my feet feel worse and I mean MUCH worse. I'm like Suzanne D. warmth seems to help me better. saw my doc today he said the cold is bothering my nerves and said to try warm. I also bought some DMSO today. doc said to give it a shot if I wanted to.he is checking my insurance to see if they will cover the ESWT. if they do he won't charge me anything just take what the insurance gives him
I;m not trying to tell you NOT to try ice because it helps lots of people I'm just not one of them