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is it a hammertoe or an extra bone?

Posted by Venus F on 11/04/03 at 09:07 (136328)

Hello I would like to get my questions answered about my feet.

When I was younger I had to use leg braces to avoid surgery on my achilles ankle but they leg braces didn't help because I ended up getting surgery on both legs. What I am left with from the leg braces are two ugly big toes. It seems like when I had the leg braces the two big toes locked even though my sneakers were bigger to fit the braces.... The bones locked and now they look like one big corn which is ugly and I am self consious, a podiatrist told me when I was 17 he would break it and add wire but I wouldn't be able to bend my big toes. I am 21 now and would like to know what kind of surgeries are there because when I wear fancy boots with a pointed fronts and they hurt, sneakers hurt also... Also I been noticing that when I walk my feet aren't exactly straight which are ruining shoes and boots and sneakers, when I wear boots or shoes with heels my foot leads to the outer direction and with sneakers they rub each other causing friction on the sneaker and messing them up after one use.... Please help me....