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PF; ache in arches & calf muscles

Posted by PamCK on 11/05/03 at 09:55 (136430)

When I walk long distance (around the block!)
my arches ache badly. When I get into real trouble, my calf muscles
feel SO achy; litterly like I have the flu below my knees.
I have high arches and orthotics (I dont think they give me the
support I need). This has been going on a long time and all my
podiatrist(s) says is that I have PF and that I should live with it.
(Doctors have done me NO good). I thought this was curable!

What am I feeling (medically) in my calf's? This incredible ache/flu.
I do stretch; I dont think my muscles (or achille's) are that tight.

Re: PF; ache in arches & calf muscles

BrianJ on 11/05/03 at 11:09 (136438)

Pam --

It's true that PF is by far the most likely cause of your foot pain. However, if your calf issues are accompanied by lower back pain, you may want to get a lower back workup. Sometimes, a narrowing of the spinal canal can cause heel pain.

Have you tried taping? (See the Heel Pain Book on this site for more info). Taping often provides instant relief of PF pain. Plus, if you get relief from taping, it tells you that the problem is PF and not some other malady.

Re: PF; ache in arches & calf muscles

PamCK on 11/05/03 at 11:52 (136441)

Never had a back problem. Hmmm.
Taping helps - until I overdue it (I tend to be able to
walk longer when I am properly taped) and then Im back to my
old aches and pains.

Re: PF; ache in arches & calf muscles

Kathy G on 11/06/03 at 08:05 (136531)


Maybe you don't have PF but you could try treating your feet as if you do and see what happens. I'm not a doctor but perhaps you could read Scott's Heel Pain Book and follow some of the suggestions in it. Have you tried a slant board? That can really help the pains in my calves. In the Book, it shows you the angle you should aim for. Don't stand on it in bare feet as my PT tried to get me to do. You shouldn't go barefoot if you have PF.

Good luck!