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Life after surgery

Posted by Penny F on 11/05/03 at 14:14 (136447)

My husband was operated in late May of this year by Dr. Dellon. He is still experiencing a great deal of pain. He doesn't take any medication because this tarsal tunnel came on as a result of an accident to his knee almost three years ago. He got addicted to pain killers and doesn't want any part of them. He suffered a compressed nerve in his knee from a fall on steel framing, but it took for ever for some one to diagnos him right. Blood internally seeped down his leg and as a it dried inside, Dellon thinks it cause the tarsal tunnel. Luckily I found Dr. Dellon.

He has told us that tarsel tunnel can take up to a year to heal. I was hoping some one could comment on the letgh of time your surgery took to heal.


Re: Life after surgery

Terry D. on 11/05/03 at 20:32 (136494)

Hi Penny,
I had tts from Dr. Dellon on May 19th. 2003. I was pain free the next day. Didn't have to take any pain medication. But was on 1600 mg of neurotin at the time of the surgery. I then ratcheted down 100 mg / day. I was completely pain free all during this.
But I am still recovering. The bottom of my foot is still quite numb. I can walk easily and even jog but it feels tight where the incision is.
I followed Dr. Dellon's instructions about water walking etc. I am a football coach and 12 weeks after surgery was coaching double day practices. I am much improved since then. Each week I get more feeling back to my skin.
Hopefully the nerves are regrowing.
Also, as far as I know , neurotin is not addictive. It was the only drug that helped me prior to surgery( about 4 months of intense pain)
I had a cyst that grew around my nerves and cut off the blood supply so they atrophied.
Dr. Dellon said only a few surgeons could have done that surgery successfully. I, like you, was very impressed with him.
Is/was your husband's foot numb?
I'd be interested in comparing notes.

Re: Life after surgery

lauriel on 11/06/03 at 15:10 (136570)

I had my TTS surgery last December - my Dr also said it could take up to a year and it has been almost that. and it has taken that long - I did not start to feel a noticable difference in my TTS symptons until a few months ago. My surgery went fairly easy and did not have any complications. It sounds like from what I have read here it varies on the length of time

Re: Life after surgery

Misty S on 11/06/03 at 18:51 (136592)

Hey, I am sorry to hear about your husband. But I do have a question regarding his knee injury and the onset of TTS. I have had two major knee surgeries on my right knee and one on my left. I have had severe problems with burning in my right foot when I try and do anything that fixes my foot to a surface (like a stairclimber or stationary bike pedal). How did he first notice the TTS? Did he have burning in his forefoot. I first thought it was a neuroma but the pain starts in different places everytime. I really cannot pinpoint it to a specific location. Any words of advice?

Re: : Life after surgery

BOB on 11/12/03 at 18:18 (137285)

Sounds like you have the same symptoms i did and do , TTS is probably what you are getting. Dont let it progress to far seek a doctor who is experienced with tarsal tunnel syndrome . Try to find an orthopedic surgeon instead of a podiatrist . A podiatrist doesnt even have a medical degree , ther D.O.'s. I have been examined by both and the podiatrist has done many TTS surgerys but wasnt as good as the ortho surgeon. They will be able to diagnos your problem. I hope its not TTS , GOOD LUCK .