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Visco Inserts

Posted by Rachael T. on 11/05/03 at 17:22 (136474)

Thanks Dr. Wander for your comments on the Visco Inserts & Power Steps. I now wear a fairly comfortable & very supportive custom - & this is my 4th pair of custom orthotics. Unfortunately, Powersteps weren't corrective or supportive enough for me, but I have recommended them to others who have just onset PF. At times, though, I am wishful for a 'cush' insert, (but 1 that is still supportive laterally as well) when my feet are a bit more sensitive....at present, when they are overly sensitive, I try to rest more & also be sure to wear my Thorlo socks which act as a cushion to my more firm orthosis. I think it is that I am so close to being better that I want to reach over this plateau in healing....guess time is the answer as it has been throughout as well as trying different things! Thank you again!