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A holiday treat

Posted by R C on 11/05/03 at 19:06 (136488)

In a compulsive moment (after watching the Food Network) I ordered one of those fruitcakes made by Trappist Monks. (A different group of monks make cheese.) I'm not ordinarily a fruitcake fan, but I thought it was mighty tasty. It is moist, dense, and sweet, and you can taste all of the components, including the dates and liqueur.

To order, go to http://www.monasteryfruitcake.org . Note: I do not have a financial stake in the monastery. I'm not even Catholic. In fact, I'm not sure I even believe in God. Oh, and the fruitcakes come in a nice decorative tin.

Re: A holiday treat

nancy s. on 11/05/03 at 19:28 (136489)

lol !

p.s. but old fruitcake tins really are nice.

Re: A holiday treat

Carole C in NOLA on 11/05/03 at 20:43 (136497)

Oh, gosh. My mother used to make dozens of fruitcakes every Christmas. All her friends, and my father, raved about how wonderful they were. My brothers and I used a great deal of creativity trying to figure out how to get out of eating any. I'm afraid that spoiled me for fruitcakes forever. LOL

Carole C

Re: A holiday treat

Carole C in NOLA on 11/05/03 at 20:43 (136498)

Yes, the tins are pretty!

Carole C

Re: A holiday treat

Suzanne D. on 11/05/03 at 21:09 (136507)

My mother always made jam cakes for Christmas gifts from my grandmother's recipe. I can just see her standing in the kitchen working on them. It seemed that every inch of the kitchen counter was covered with different kinds of jams and other ingredients. Then there was the caramel icing that drizzled down the sides of the cake. I can almost taste it now! :)

I always liked jam cake better than fruit cake, but my husband might be interested in the site to buy fruit cakes!

Suzanne :)

Re: A holiday treat

Pauline on 11/05/03 at 22:09 (136511)

Our special holiday treat was the celebration of Sausage Sunday. That's when family members came together and made 200 lbs of Italian Sausage. It would be divided up and frozen until the holidays then served during meals to family and friends.

There was no recipe per say, just my mothers hands measuring out the ingredients. You know a pinch of this, some fennel seeds poured into her hands, and other ingredients measured the same way.

Then it was refrigerated over night to develop flavor. The next day small amounts were fried and the seasoning corrected. Finally the entire 200 lbs was then stuffed by hand into clean pork casing. The kids got to poke it with toothpicks to allow any air to escape. It was a large family affair. I still have all the hand funnels we used.

Why it was called Sausage Sunday I don't know because we always started on Saturday and finished it on Sunday. Go figure that one out.

Eventually we all turned fat conscience so the practice stopped, however, I was reminded about it last week when my cousin called from Berkley and asked me where he might purchase some sausage that taste like my mothers.

He said he's eaten sausage all over the world, but none of it has ever measured up to Aunt Mary's. That made me smile and brought all those back warm memories.

Oh we tried on several occasions to measure her 'handfull's' of ingredients, but somehow after she passed away it never quite tasted the same. My cousin was right. We can't find any sausage that measures up to hers.

Re: A holiday treat

Necee on 11/05/03 at 23:51 (136521)

I'm gaining 10 lbs just by reading these posts!!!
Now the best fruit cake in the world comes from Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana Texas. They ship all over the world. I'm not a big fan of fruit cake, but I will eat theirs.

On another note........the temperature has fallen again here, and finally it feels more like Autumn, just hope it sticks around this time. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for some snow this winter.

Happy trails.....


Re: A holiday treat

Lari S. on 11/06/03 at 15:45 (136578)

Fruit cake from Collin Street Bakery is my husband's birthday (Dec. 6th)request EVERY YEAR! I keep trying to tell him that eating the largest one they have all by himself is not good for his health, but there's no stopping him once it arrives. (He thinks I should buy him 2, 1 for b'day and one for Xmas.) Can't stand the stuff myself, as my mother made it for weeks on end every Nov. so it would be 'ready' for Xmas gifts. Never have figured out why someone would want to 'kill' perfectly good fruit. Maybe that's why I don't like preserves, fruit pies, etc...lol