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ESWT TODAY 11-5-03

Posted by Molly H on 11/05/03 at 22:22 (136513)

Hi all!
I had my 2nd ESWT today and it went very well! Last time I was their 1st patient with the Dornier Machine and it didn't seem like they had it all together. Even though the company was United Shockwave both times. This time they were GREAT! They were pinpointing the inflamation and measuring my PF for thickness. (All things they did NOT do last time). I have hope that this time I will be cured especially since there was a marked difference in how they handled the procedure this time.
One thing I found interesting is on the instruction sheet for after care was do NOT put your feet in a whirlpool!?????????????? I know everyone most of you who have had ESWT and the Dr.s are heat and moist heat advocates so, I wonder why they would recommend not doing that? I know it helped with my healing last time! Anyone have thoughts on this???