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Last resort for heal spurs....help please!!!!

Posted by colleen on 11/05/03 at 22:42 (136516)

Have had heal spurs in right foot for 2 years now. Have seen 5 podiatrists, have two pair of orthotics made, have had cortisone injections, feet wrapped, etc. I live in Stuart,Florida and I can't get any relief from this condition. Have insurance through my job, but can't find any doctor to go any further with care. My new problem is that I feel my left foot beginning to have symptoms if heal spurs. I am a 32 old waitress and cannot quit my job due to it enabeling my insurance with united health care. I need help and would be willing to do anything to find a doctor to change my life. Thank you, Colleen Perdew

Re: Last resort for heal spurs....help please!!!!

Dr. David S. Wander on 11/06/03 at 07:37 (136527)


Have any of your doctors discussed ESWT with you? This is an excellent option for patient's that have had plantar fasciitis for at least 6 months and have failed at least 3 different attempts at conservative care. If you have United Health Care, this is one of the insurance carriers that usually will pay for ESWT if all the criteria are met. ESWT is not a quick fix, but it very effective and does not require you do miss work. Email me at (email removed) and I will be happy to send you more information.