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policemans heal

Posted by lynnette w on 11/06/03 at 08:46 (136532)

i have had a problem with my heal for 18mnts now and it doesnt seem to be healing on its own i was told it was policemans heal by a doctor but not my own can you tell me the treatment for this do i have to see my own doctor or can i do something for myself as i live in spain and talking to my spanish doctor is becoming a problem

Re: policemans heal

BrianJ on 11/06/03 at 09:15 (136536)

Hi Lynnette --

Read the Heel Pain Book on this site. It will tell you a lot about your problem and how it can be treated. By the way, plantar fasciitis is sometimes called 'policeman's heel' in Europe.

Good luck.

Re: policemans heal

Rick R on 11/06/03 at 11:28 (136546)

The first Ortho I went to for this in 1984 mentioned that PF was known as policeman's heal. He also mentioned that many would use the term heal spur for PF even it there wasn't any real bone spur.