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foot pain

Posted by Ruth A on 11/07/03 at 01:30 (136629)

Hi i am 53 yrs old i have had Heel pain on and off for years but when i would rest after being on my feet alot the pain would go away .2 weeks ago the Heels of my both feet felt like i was walking on pebbles and now the both Heels and the ball of my feet well the padding under the toes if thats what you call it i feel like my feet are warm and i have a burning pain even at rest becomes unbearable and won't go away i do need to lose some weight i am working on that i am a vegetarian i have ocd and i am obsessing about this i am going to tell my dr i haven't taken any pain pills or anything at all i'm scared i was wondering if this sounds like Heel spurs thank you !!!!!....Ruthie