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How should orthotics feel?

Posted by francesc on 11/07/03 at 16:13 (136733)

I recently got my hard orthotics about a week ago and I have been gradually breaking them in as instructed. However, my left orthotic still feels uncomfortable when I put them on. My right side feels great but it is a little different -- I have about a 1/2 inch lift -- which I would imagine makes them feel different.

The uncomfortableness comes from where the hard plastic hits my foot. It seems to hit it just below the inner bone under the ball of the foot (the bone that connects to the big toe). When I put the orthotic on the floor and step on it it feels fine but, in my shoe it feels different. Is this normal?

I am asking because it does seem to help my PF and it's more of an uncomfortableness rather than pain. sometimes I don't notice it and other times I notice it more.

Any suggestions? I am just wondering if I should go back to the podiatrist or if I just need to get used to them more.


Re: How should orthotics feel?

Pauline on 11/08/03 at 00:37 (136774)

Remember it never hurts to check back with your doctor to see if they need adjustment. You've got nothing to lose and possibly something to gain.

Re: How should orthotics feel?

Carole C in NOLA on 11/08/03 at 12:21 (136821)


My orthotics are not hard orthotics. They have a hard but flexible plastic base (that doesn't contact my foot at all), with layers of eva on top of that and foam on top of the eva. Then my foot rests on the foam. They are VERY thick and comfy. I guess that would be called semi-rigid (?) or maybe soft. Anyway, mine are not hard like yours so I can't really answer your question. I've been hoping that Richard might have some ideas.

Meanwhile, here are my thoughts. When I got my orthotics my C.Ped told me to try them for a week, and if at that time they were not comfortable, that I should bring them back for a free adjustment. In my case, my orthotics were wonderfully comfortable and helpful for my PF immediately.

If they are still uncomfortable then you could always ask your podiatrist. The fact that one is comfortable and the other isn't, tells me that maybe one needs some adjusting. (?)

Are you wearing your orthotics in the shoes they were originally fitted to? I notice that you said they feel all right when out of the shoe. The orthotics and shoes kind of work as a 'team', in my opinion. Mine don't feel very great either if I put them in another shoe.

Carole C

Re: How should orthotics feel?

Richard, C.Ped on 11/10/03 at 07:57 (136930)

Normally, orthotics will feel different when placed in the shoe. The shoe will 'hug' the orthosis more, and 'push' it in your foot more. It sounds like you need that area either gound down more, or heated and shaped away from that area. It is hard to tell without seeing you.

Does only one orthotic have the lift? Is it due to a short leg?

Re: How should orthotics feel?

francesc on 11/10/03 at 15:30 (136969)

hi richard,

thanks for responding. yes, i have a shorter right leg so the lift is only on the right side.

i have made an apptmt to see my podiatrist this week. i guess if after a week i still have comfort issues, then it's time to go back in.