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Downhill Skiing after ESWT????????

Posted by Molly H on 11/08/03 at 14:11 (136833)

I had my 2nd round of ESWT this past Wednesday. My family and I are planning on going downhill skiing over Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know if I should or shouldn't do this. Does anyone have opinions on this?



Re: Downhill Skiing after ESWT????????

Pauline on 11/08/03 at 16:32 (136841)

I think everyone has an opinion on your question, but the only thing that really matters is your decision.

Personally if I were you I wouldn't ski, I'd make the trip, sip some brew and do some little people watching, but that's me. I'm conservative especially when it comes to foot care and I'd want to know that I didn't actively do anything to hinder the healing process of my recent ESWT treatment.

I think the bottom line is you need to do what you think is best for you. Remember you paid the money for your treatment, the doctor did his part. What role do you want to play in this equation, helper or possible hinder? Just make sure you can live with your final decision.

Re: Downhill Skiing after ESWT????????

SteveG on 11/08/03 at 16:49 (136842)

Molly - If I were you I would not go. I remember even before I got PF, the bottom of my feet would hurt after I took the side of a hill. I don't think it would be a good idea.

Re: Downhill Skiing after ESWT????????

Molly H on 11/09/03 at 18:47 (136894)

Thanks Pauline and Steve for your responses! My Dr. is the one who said I would be fine to ski @ Thanksgiving time but, I have had reservations and both of you confirmed it. I might go up to hang out with my husband and 7 year old son, but I will not ski!


Re: Downhill Skiing after ESWT????????

Larry.N on 11/09/03 at 21:33 (136906)

why dont you ask your doctor if you should?