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SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Posted by Rob on 11/09/03 at 13:43 (136868)

Has anyone gotten TTS so bad that the bottom of your foot has no muscle left? The nerve in my foot cant send signals past the point its pinched ,so the muscle is dying and all but gone ,and my foot is mostly numb . I Had surgery on 10 14 03 and havent much relief yet . I know it will take a long time to regenerate if it does ,no gaurantee and the muscle I was told by several doctors that it wont come back. Once you lose it from nerve damage it doesnt regenerate. I had TTS and continued working on my feet resulting in a rapid progression of the disease. My foot has sunk in like I have a 4inch arch wich I didnt have ,and all the pad on the bottom is gone .Its like walking on bones , no layer or cushion on the foot. My foot was nearly flat before the TTS set in. Anyone else have a severe case of TTS. Its just like carpal tunnel ,if you dont get a release you would lose the use of your hand ,all the muscle waste away. This was starting in my foot .

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

marie on 11/09/03 at 16:54 (136883)

I'm so sorry to hear that your in such distress. I have had some muscle problems but not as severe as you described. Has your doctor had other patients similar to you?


Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Mark T. on 11/10/03 at 20:22 (136997)

My TTS tested at mild to moderate. I had numbing and burning in the foot. Also my ankle was giving out. My arch on my foot felt like it was dropping and not a cushion made would help. I had my TTS release on Oct 2002. It took a good 8 months before I started noticing an improvement. I also had CTS and it was rated moderate to severe. It took a good 6 months after the release surgery before I noticed an improvement. The first 4 months after the TTS surgery, I had no improvement. It just takes a long time for these release surgeries to heal.

Re: : SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

BOB on 11/10/03 at 20:30 (136998)

How is your arch and foot now ? Getting a cushion back on your foot?

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Michelle S. on 11/11/03 at 07:50 (137025)

Sorry to hear about your foot! I guess ignoring pain sometimes doesn't make it go away. That is why I'm in the mess that I'm in. I'll pray for you. Leaving in fifteen minutes, not looking forward to this tts surgery.

Re: : SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Mark T. on 11/11/03 at 14:18 (137071)

The TTS has cleared up now. No pain in the foot and stop taking pain meds months ago. I still have PF in both feet but the PowerStep inserts are a lifesaver. I have to wear steel toed shoes when working ( I pull 2000lbs skids of pop on a pallet jack in stores, 8 hours a day and stock store shelves). The only steel toed shoes that I have found that provides cushion thru the sole is Worx shoe (not the boot) made by Redwing.

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Mel B. on 11/25/03 at 11:59 (138630)

I too have a really severe case of TTS. I suffered off & on for about 5 years until I finally found a DPM who knows his stuff. I had surgery November 2002. My foot is still numb and I have a severe case of Tendonitis in the 4th toe. Pain is something I live with daily. After surgery, the constant 'vibrating ' that I had in my left foot did stop. But, I have never regained the feeling in my foot.It mostly stays so cold, turns purple. Then at times I have the burning pain that feels like I am walking on hot coals. My right foot is also affected. It is getting worse day by day.I have a Bursa Sac in both heels. The pain from these is almost unbearable. I have went through injections, surgery, nerve blocks etc... My knees and my back have started to ache some. I don't know if this is attributed to the TTS. I'm sure it is. I haven't worked in over a year now. I teach in Kindergarten. So, I have a job that requires being on my feet all day. My family dr. has told me that I will never be able to do my job again, that I can never 'go the distance'.
I can only stay up on my feet for about 3 hours. And this is not being on them consistently in that 3 hour period.
I feel for you. I KNOW EXACTLY what you are going through.

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Dr. Z on 12/01/03 at 15:01 (139098)

Sounds like RSD

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Mel B. on 12/01/03 at 15:19 (139101)

Could you explain to me what RSD is? Is there a cure for it? And where can I get more information on this?

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Leanne D. on 2/15/04 at 00:21 (144331)

Rob, I too, have severe muscle atrophy and nerve damage. I had TT Release surgery exactly one year ago and although I have less nerve pain, I am deeply disturbed at the site of my foot (it appears deformed) not to mention the pain I feel with ambulation due to my wasted muscle that is no longer providing the 'padding' on the bottom of my foot needed for comfortable ambulation. My right foot is approximately one inch smaller in diameter than my left foot. Also, since a couple of months ago, I am starting to have an increase in nerve pain. I am actually frightened at the prospect of the pain becoming severe again, like before I had surgery. I believe that my toe strength has improved even though there is no visual evidence that my muscle has become stronger. Best wishes to you for a more complete recovery than I had........

Re: SEVERE Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome -muscle and nerve damaged

Rob on 5/30/09 at 12:39 (257828)

Severe TTS , I to had the surgery in 2004 and my foot has never regained any of the muscle I had lost prior to the surgery. It had also left me with HAMMERRTOE or CLAWFEET. Five years later and My foot is quite week and bothersome. Ultimately I could not do my job any longer as a UPS delivery driver. UPS would not pay any work comp because its a repetitive injury. I had to sue them. All the doctors who know anything regarding TTS would agree that someone who moves 5-7 thousand pounds of frieght daily could develop such a modality. UPS had extended the suit out as long as possible and just before going before a comp. judge, agreed with my findings and problems reluctently so. I returned to work only to develop it in the other foot, and just kept working until it was to debillitating. I believe perhaps if I had more time to heel my right foot after surgery, then maybe some muscle would return. Now both my feet are basically shot and botheresome daily with UPS not accepting any relation to working and TTS.