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Ligaments and sprains over two months old

Posted by Heather Mae C on 11/10/03 at 11:47 (136952)

I injuried my anckle at work on September 5th 2003. I have had x-rays(2) taken nothing is broken. But i have pulled the ligaments in the ball, heel, artch, and in the anckle itself. Backround- i was serving the the banquet department of my hotel, I had a tray of about 20 plates on my right shoulder. I started to trip over someones foot. to balance myself i went on the ball of my right foot and recovered the tray. then about 45 mintues after this I became aware that I was walking on the side of my foot. So I forced myself to talk normally, and that felt like a knife going through my foot. About a 15 minutes later we were in the process of sending me to the hospital. Where they took the first x-ray and put a cast on that they heated and formed to my anckle and how it sat. I was in that for about a week and a half. When my first doctor told me to just use an ace bandage. I lost my balance at work again and this time I put all my weight on my right anckle. I went to the hospital later that night , where they did the second x-ray and put my in an aircast. After that I asked for a new doctor. He is telling me to walk on it with out my cast and it just takes time. Which I do understand, but the pain hasn't gone down. It hasn't increased that much but there are times that it does increase more than the first time. I have not had and MRI done. When I asked for one by the suggestion of my therapist and myself. I was told that it wouldn't show anything and just got the round-about. That was over a week ago that I spoke with the company nurse and the insurance company. I have not heard back from either. I do know I have the right after a month to pick my own doctor outside of the company. But, I am not sure how to find a good doctor in my area and how to go about getting an MRI done. Any help you can give me would be great. And am I right to ask for a MRI since it has been over two months now and I am not really getting any better?
Thanks again
Heather Mae

Re: Ligaments and sprains over two months old

dave r on 11/10/03 at 12:12 (136956)

Has your doctor told you that you have a sprain or has he told you something else? If you are unable to walk or if you have a week ankle i would think that you should be on crutches. Do you have swelling or discoloration?

Re: Ligaments and sprains over two months old

Heather Mae C on 11/10/03 at 13:34 (136963)

He told me that I have a sprained ankle and pulled ligaments. I was on crushes for a little over a month then they told me to get off of them. So now I am walking on it, they swelling has gone down, there is a lot of discoloration and I noticed yesturday morning that there was burshing on the front of my ankle. I am doing everything the doctor and the therapist have told me to do. And when I tell them that I don't think I am improving they tell me it just takes time. I can put some pressure on it, but even that hurts to where I can't walk sometimes. I have stopped therapy for the time being just because it hurts to much and I don't want any further damage to my foot, by working it to much and not knowing everything that is wrong. Is that the right thing to do?

Re: Ligaments and sprains over two months old

dave r on 11/10/03 at 15:33 (136970)

I guess only your doctor can tell you that. Im sure that your injury is going to take a very long time to heal....