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Achillies Calcification

Posted by Kim A. on 11/10/03 at 12:20 (136957)

Hi, I am new here and I'd lke to know what Achillies Calification is? I have never heard of it before.

Amy A

Re: Achillies Calcification

nancy s. on 11/10/03 at 14:27 (136965)

hmmm . . . kim: or amy (?) Which one is your name?

did you read about it in a post here? or somewhere else? you're asking what achilles calcification is and saying you never heard of it before, but apparently you heard of it somewhere in order to ask the question! just trying to be helpful, of course. someone might be able to answer your question better if you provide some context for it, although i'm sure a search of the web would turn up plenty of definitions if your request for a definition isn't answered as quickly as you'd like.

good luck to you.


Re: Achillies Calcification

Kim A. on 11/11/03 at 09:34 (137034)

My name is Kimberly Amy A. I use both Kim and Amy. I apologize for the confusion, I get Amy more. I think calcification has something to do with calcium I am not sure. I wonder why everything has to have a big word associated with it? I wish someone also knows about pulmonology, I need help badly, and I do mean badly.

Kim A.

Re: Achillies Calcification

Dr. Z on 11/13/03 at 06:20 (137350)


Could you tell us how long you have had the problem. Are you limping? What treatments have you tried? The calcification occurs where the achilles tendon attached to the back of your heel. It is caused by a repetitve injury to the achilles. Very common and can be very painful