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Positive Results with MSM Gel

Posted by Ersten on 11/10/03 at 17:23 (136985)

I have been using MSM pain relief gel now for two weeks, and the pain reduction is just as good as I got with the Strassburg Sock, but the relief also lasts longer, since I can reapply the gel during the day, whereas you can't wear the sock all the time. Also, sleeping with the sock on is not the most comfortable feeling, and I had to readjust the toe tension at least once a night. Some nights, the pain of the velcro strap at the calf would wake me up, and I'd have to loosen it.

One unexpected side benefit of using the gel is that the cracked skin that I used to have along the outside edge of my heels is now totally gone, and the skin is smooth and supple.

Anyone interested can visit the website msmpaingel.com for futher reading.

Most of the posts that I have read regarding MSM dealt with the oral type, and the results were mixed. I think the gel targets the pain area directly, and therefore would be more effective, IMHO.