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Shower and other Waterproof Shoes

Posted by Dorothy on 11/10/03 at 22:31 (137010)

Every so often, someone here asks about shoes for showering, and other related water spots. I am going to type in a shoe description that I read in a mail-order (and online) catalog. This is a good company.
They are http://www.SolutionsCatalog.com and their phone # is 1-800-342-9988. This is their summer 2003 catalog so I don't know about current availability but you could check with them. The description is:

'Waterproof neoprene slip-ons are like walking on air. Designed with the advice of podiatrists, these lightweight clogs have waterproof neoprene uppers and patented Purisoft soles that cushion your every step with thousands of tiny air bubbles. Molded flexible footbeds provide support and reduce foot fatigue. A cotton terry lining provides cool comfort. Wear year-round - indoors or outdoors. Keep them by the door to slip into for quick trips to the store or mailbox. #64005.' The sizes are Europeon sizes from 36 to 42. The cost is $39.50.

I think that a description that includes 'designed with the advice of podiatrists...' AND 'thousands of tiny air bubbles...' bears looking at!