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here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Posted by rsk on 11/11/03 at 09:40 (137038)

Hi group

here is my story in a nutshell

1) developed PF on right foot late 2001
2) since then had 3 injections and 4 sessions of eswt. only temporary releif. the pain came back
3) then went for ultrasound but no help.
4) in the mean time developed PF on the left foot. not as severe as right.
5) then went on a course of naproxin and blood circulation pill. no use.
6) all this while I have been stretchng but with higher intensity until last week.
7) bought power step from this site and have been using for 1 month. not much releif.
8) went to doc and ordered a custom orthotoic couple of days ago. i am thinking of buying the nite splint from this site.

i am really tired of this as it is getting me down. sometimes i feel like chopping offf my feet but cant. pls help with any advice.



Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

marie on 11/11/03 at 11:21 (137044)

Chronic pain is a real bummber. It's hard to focus on anything else when you're in pain. I know this isn't much help but know that we feel for you and understand.


Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Rose on 11/11/03 at 12:18 (137057)

I certainly do understand. I tried all that you did plus casting, acupuncture, and a chiropractor for a long time. To make a long story short, I finally had the surgery in July and now I am totally pain free almost all the time unless I abuse my feet. I expect them to be totally fine in several more months. I take no pain medication at all.I can go barefooted a little. It is amazing. I did a slow aerobic class yesterday.... So there is hope if all eles fails.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Suzanne D on 11/11/03 at 15:14 (137073)

I am really sorry about your pain. We DO understand! I noticed that you wrote 'stretchng but with higher intensity until last week'. Many people have felt that they stretched with too much intensity, thinking that more was better. Click on yoga here, and read about the gentle stretching which many who post here feel has helped them.

Also, have you ever tried taping your feet? A description of how to do this (and a little video) is in the Heel Pain Book (just click on the blue words).

Best wishes to you,
Suzanne :)

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Rose on 11/11/03 at 19:34 (137142)

I do know that in some instances, totally resting the foot seems to start quick healing. One example is a friend who had her foot casted in a solid cast for four weeks and used crutches the whole time. I have heard of others who have had much success with total rest. It seems when we do all these things other things and continue wallking on the sore heel, that is can lead to a very very long recovery because the heel is not allowed time to rest and recover. I wish I had tried that. I know it is very hard to do, but it might do the trick for you. I wish you the best.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Ron B on 11/11/03 at 20:08 (137149)

Not many of us can afford to be off work that long! I know staying off your feet is the best thing. My last day off, I had zero pain in both feet for the whole day! You said you had surgery. was that for PF or TTS ?? My pod said he wouldn't do surgery for PF to risky!!! My wife massaged my feet last night, That felt great and did seem to help

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Ellen J. on 11/11/03 at 20:19 (137151)

Sounds like you have been trying alot of things, which is good. You might try NOT stretching so much for a short time to see if that helps. Sometimes people are helped by a little less stretching at first, until the feet heal up, then they gradually work into gentle stretches more and more as the feet tolerate it. Maybe you already tried that approach once. Alot of people have been helped by the night splint, so it might be worth a try. I'm wondering if the fact that you later got P.F. in your other foot means that whatever caused the pain in the first foot was not corrected, hence the pain started in the other foot too? In other words, if there was a biomechanical problem that started the whole thing (or a wrong pair of shoes, or whatever), that problem wasn't removed and therefore the other foot was affected too. I don't know if I'm making any sense, as I'm tired tonight. Hope I make some sense.
Ellen J.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Dorothy on 11/11/03 at 20:35 (137154)

You've gotten some great advice already. Here are a few other things to try, if you haven't already: ice,heat, contrast baths (search here for info.), Personal Foot Trainers (www.foottrainers.com), massage - various kinds with heat, without, one regular poster (Hilary G.) swears by Active Release Therapy (ART) and some others have tried it/are trying it.

As others have said, it sounds like your #6 item may be part of your continuing pain - the constant re-injuring with too vigorous or inappropraite stretching. (Foot Trainers website can give good information about this as well.)
Keep trying. There's more to try...

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

R C on 11/11/03 at 21:51 (137175)

As others have said:

(1) Back off on the stretching;
(2) Monitor very closely how you do with the orthotics, and work with your doc to tweak them;
(3) Taping is another alternative (it works for me);
(4) If you have one healthy foot, try crutches for 4 weeks;
(5) Or try hard cast + crutches, immediately preceded by cortisone (that worked for me too);
(6) If you are overweight, losing weight might help.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

rsk on 11/12/03 at 08:34 (137202)

Hi Rose

thanks for sharing your experience.can you pls tell me what kinda surgery did you undergo and were the risks involved.

thanks again for the help


Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

rsk on 11/12/03 at 08:45 (137207)

Hi group

thanks a lot for all the support and help. this is my action plan;

1) buy night splint
2) do some light stertching with the yoga exercises mentioned here
3) ice
4) get my custom orthotics.
5) taping

i looked at the video abt the taping but still am not sure how tis will help and in what position my feet be when i tape. can somebody pls explain how this taping will help.

I hope with these my feet wil improve. but one thing ppl this site and all of you have give me more help than my stupid doctors.

thanks again


Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Ellen J. on 11/12/03 at 09:18 (137209)

I didn't read all the notes that everyone wrote but from what I've found (and it seems others have found too, in some cases), the wall stretches are not good. I think the yoga stretches you plan to try are good, since they are gentle, so it looks like you are on the right track. I used to do the wall stretches, where you put your toes against the wall and lean forward, and realized that it was just aggravating the injured area. I could feel tiny popping, like bubbles moving along my arches while doing that stretch, then my arches would actually be more sore the following day. It took me weeks to realize what was going on. I think that's why it takes awhile for some of us to get over this condition because sometimes we don't know what is aggravating the feet.
I hope the nice yoga stretches work for you, along with all the other things you plan to try.
Ellen J.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Julie on 11/12/03 at 09:43 (137212)

It sounds like a reasonable plan and I hope you get relief from it. But it's still hit-and-miss, and if you really feel your doctors are stupid, I would advise you to look for another. No advice on an internet message board, even this splendid one, is a substitute for good hands-on care by a doctor who knows his or her stuff, and a carefully composed and monitored treatment plan targeted precisely to your foot needs.

Yes, I know there is a good deal of dissatisfaction with podiatrists who have failed to help, and some are less than diligent. Some are just plain not interested in PF, which is so common as to be boring, and often resistant to cure. But there are good podiatrists around: it may take you a while to find one, but it will be worth the effort.

Re: Taping

R C on 11/12/03 at 10:47 (137221)

A lot has been written about taping in previous threads. Try doing a search in this board and see if any of it is helpful. If any questions, please shout.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Bud P. on 11/12/03 at 19:02 (137292)

I went through all you did and just had surgery on the 10th of Nov.
At this point I cannot say if it helped or not. I can onlyt say that I couldn't keep living in all that pain. I just pray the surgery is a success

Re: Taping

BrianG on 11/12/03 at 19:16 (137294)

Most Pod's know how to tape, as it really isn't that hard. You could make an appointment for your Pod to tape you. Watch him, and take notes if you think it will help. If you keep the tape dry, it can last a few days, before it'll stretch out. Once you know it feels to be taped, you can try some of the simpler methods in Scott's book.

It's how I learned,

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

rsk on 11/13/03 at 07:13 (137353)


I hope it really works out for u as i know what exactly ur talking abt when u say 'I couldn't keep living in all that pain'. can you pls tell me what kinda surgey u underwent and what were the risks involved.

good luck


Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Mar on 11/14/03 at 11:52 (137495)

Rsk -

I understand your despair and pain. I have had bilateral PF for 2 years -- very severe. A year ago I was sinking into a depression. The best thing that happened to me was to find a great pain counselor and go for biofeedback. I also got a motorized scooter to be able to work and shop. At least now I am not in chronic severe pain and can do a few things around the house without pain and can participate in life. Hopefully in the meantime, healing is taking place. So my suggestion -- seek out a pain counselor at the same time you continue to find a cure. Good luck - Mar

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Bud P. on 11/14/03 at 14:24 (137513)

So far so good. I'm 5 days post op. I'm getting around pretty well with a boot on my foot and crutches. The pain has been no worse than what I was experiencing daily with the pf. It may have been a more severe intense pain on day 3 and 4 but it is minimal now. I don't know if the surgery was a success or not yet but I had to try. I wasn't able to get many positive opinions on my surgery on this message board. Most were people whom had no relief. But at other sights there were a great deal of people who gave me encouragement and said thier surgery was a success.
The procedure I had is callled EPF. It is minimal invasive surgery that goes in the side of the heal and cuts the PF.The procedure I had has an incision on each side,one to watch and the other to cut. Stay in touch and I'll give you my progress as time passes. If it is a success I'll probably do the other foot if it continues to progress as it has. You can write me direct at (email removed) if wish. Just note Plantar Fasciitis in the subject area. Take care and say a prayer mine works.

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Sher A on 11/14/03 at 15:57 (137526)

I'm saying a prayer for you also, Bud. Would you please do me a favor and keep us posted on how it goes? How do you feel now? This doesn't sound like it would be too agonizing, but I'm the one who cries if a hair is pulled off my head. Did your insurance cover it? I find that my insurance is paying less and less for things and occasionally I find a nice surprise on a claim, that I owe a couple hundred for something. I'm to the point to where I question the cost on every little thing, for things not even health related anymore. Crutches is another thing - I tried them once and my armpits just couldn't take it. How long will you have to use them?

Re: here is my story - pls help I am in despair

Bud P. on 11/16/03 at 06:49 (137634)

I'm an ex UPS driver that was put on PTD. So I don't have any insurance because of existing conditions.But MediCare seems to be paying about 80% of everything.So far all the Dr's and facilities have been working with me on outstanding bills.
As for the surgery today is day 7 and each day has gotten better. I do feel a pain in the same general area. I'm hoping it will go away. It's not the same PF pain but the same spot. As for the crutches if yout arm pits are hurting you are using them wrong. Set them just lower than your arm pit and use your hands to support yourself. I don't think Ill be on them more than another week. Just keep praying please. Thanks, Bud