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16 weeks post ESWT -Sonocur

Posted by Jen L on 11/11/03 at 15:56 (137080)

I was hoping to have a better report for the board, so I waited weeks after weeks. Still I don't have exciting news, but it gives some hope- my improvement is about 30%-40% at the best. The worst pain level with activity was about 7 to 8, and now about 3.5 to 5.5.
My bilateral P.F was diagnosed in June 2002. Before the ESWT, I would not stand or walk for more than five minutes, and I was wearing SDO, cushioning heel cups plus taping to get around home and office. I could not stand the 'stepping on a rock' feeling with the semi-rigid custom othotics that a podiatrist made a year ago. Before ESWT, the heels were visibly swelling and the fat pad felt like tearing with weight bearing. Now on a good day it feels like having sand in shoes or socks crumpled up under my heels.
I noticed less pain /discomfort at week 8, and on and off up to week 13. Now I don't have to use heel cups and frequent taping, I wear only othotics in sneakers, but a cross match: the semi-rigid one on my right foot, and SDO on my left. My right foot was better than the left even before the ESWT, and it has adjusted to the custom made othotics.
My walking ability is better but still limited: I managed two blocks the other day; I stood talking to someone for 15 minutes, and my feet felt worse the next day.
This might be interesting to some people. My right foot showed classic /typical P.F. in the first few months in 2002: sharp pain on first steps in the morning and on rising after sitting for some time. When it started to hurt all the time in June 2002, it did not have the classic symptoms anymore. Some of the doctors I saw for seeking ESWT were not enthusiastic about treating me with ESWT because they think my P.F.as ATYPICAL, which I fully understood. My left foot, which developed P.F. a month later because of the compensation, did not have the classic symptoms until recently -I have more tightness and left foot has more noticeable trigger point pain under pressure in the morning.
I think ESWT benefited both of my feet to some degree. Based on my experience typical and atypical P.F. are not that clear cut, they may signal different stages of P.F. and they can transform to one another.
I try to decide whether I should have 2nd round of low energy ESWT, or go for high energy ESWT.
Any suggestions are welcome.


Re: Sonocur...SDO...MSM Gel?

PhysicsRon on 11/11/03 at 16:50 (137097)

Never tried ESWT...ins. won't pay but i'm a fan of SDO's. Could U explain why the hard orthotic on the right foot? What cover are U using on the SDO...Lam, Spenco or None? How many hr.s/day do U wear it...i find the hrs/day correlates with its healing power. Now i'm experimenting with the MSM gel (msmpaingel.com) secure server only? i'm looking for something that treats inflammed fascia. Intractable PF is no fun! Good luck!

Re: 16 weeks post ESWT -Sonocur

Steve G on 11/11/03 at 18:02 (137123)

Jen - I think you are right about it not being clear cut. When I first had PF I did not have any pain in my heel; the whole bottom of my foot hurt; however, with the passage of time the pain started to become more localized in the heel. I have had low and high energy, and I cannot recommend one over the other. You should definitely consider another treatment. The fact that you improved with the first treatment is a good sign. Some of the folks on the board did not notice any improvement post ESWT.

Re: Sonocur...SDO...MSM Gel?

Jen L on 11/11/03 at 19:45 (137146)


I started using the SDO with its blue covers (I don't know about the material) when nothing else fit me. SDO's softness and arch support were very necessary in the acute state of my heel pain. But I found the semi-rigid custom orthotics provide more support to the whole foot except it's hard to get used to, and the feet must heal to a certain degree to wear it. I hope my left foot will catch up and be good enough to like it as the right one. Alternatevely I will have it adjusted (again) by the POD.

I wear the othotics all the time in my sneakers, and I wear only one pair of shoes nowadays.

I don't know much about the gel and I hope you find it helpful.

Re: 16 weeks post ESWT -Sonocur

Jen L on 11/11/03 at 19:57 (137147)

Thank you for your comment Steve.

I remember the days when the whole bottom of feet were burning with pain. When ESWT was administered, it targeted only on the insertional point even though you told them the whole foot seemed to be inflammed. Now the bottom of foot pain does not occur to me as frequently as before.


Re: 16 weeks post ESWT -Sonocur

Rich on 11/13/03 at 07:14 (137354)

Hi Jen

Sounds like another treatment may help you. I have been thinkung about ESWT for me. Just curious...where did you have the treatment done?

Re: 16 weeks post ESWT -Sonocur

Jen L on 11/13/03 at 10:56 (137376)

Rich, I went to Toronto for it. I may have to go there 2nd time.
If you want more info. you can email me at (email removed).