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atypical vs typical pf

Posted by mitch b on 11/11/03 at 17:42 (137118)

hi anybody that can define the difference much appreciated i think i might have both since i've had this cond for over 4 years,i am considering
eswt because the pain is so greati dont have crippling pain my first step
but but there is some pain also insertional point where exactly is this in
reference to the heel? i can pinpoint particular pain points at the base of the heal as well as pain also the other end of the facia closer to my toes is this area also treatable with eswt? do you think i can be helped
by eswt? i am thinking of sonocur in toronto with ultasound.
any feedback would be wonderfull

Re: atypical vs typical pf

Steve G on 11/11/03 at 17:52 (137121)

Hi, Mitch. It sound like you have atypical PF. I define atypical PF as PF that does not involve first step pain. When my wife had PF (typical) the first step she took when she got out of bed hurt at the insertion point. The same thing occurred when she got up from sitting. I never noticed pain with my first step.

To answer your other questions: If you look at the picture in the heel pain book, it will show you where the insertion point is - in the inside of the heel. There is a good chance that the ESWT will help with the pain that you feel in your heel, since this is the area they treat. If you have most of the pain in other areas -- arches and metatarsals - you will not notice much of an improvement. They might be willing to use low energy on the area near your toes; you will have to ask them about it.

So, to sum up: how much pain relief you get will largely depend on how much of the pain is in the heels. I have atypical PF and I have had ESWT 2 times. Since a lot of the pain was in my heels, I have noticed a definite improvement. I can stand in line without grinding my teeth, etc; however, the ESWT did not cure me.

Re: atypical vs typical pf

HilaryG on 11/12/03 at 08:12 (137198)

Hi Mitch- I have (or HAD) atypical PF witch was 95% cured with ART. For more info do a search on this message board using the term 'Active Release.' Good Luck. Hilary

Re: atypical vs typical pf

mitch b on 11/12/03 at 10:49 (137222)

thanks steve and hillary i do believe that i have atypical pf but most of my pain is in and around the insertional point so i'm thinking despite the cost if i can do like you steve and stand in line for 5 min without hopping
from one foot to another and grumbling to myself then its worth it.my injury devloped from working 12 hr shifts standing almost all the time
i have tried orthotics and cant get used to them they make my feet worse ive seen 3 different pods, the ones ive seen and there is only 4 in my area
eugene oregon are complete knuckleheads.i would just like to be able to go on small walks with my dogs and wife.i'm glad this board is here cause normal folks just dont understand,saving up my money for trip to toronto
in early sping fot eswt
thanks again to all who contribute
mitch b

Re: atypical vs typical pf

SteveG on 11/12/03 at 11:52 (137233)

Mitch - you can have the Sonocur done in Vancover. I live is Seattle, but even from Eugene, you could make the drive in a 6-7 hours. Do a search on Vancover, and you will find the name and location of the clinic.

Re: atypical vs typical pf

mitch b on 11/12/03 at 16:14 (137273)

thanks steve but they dont use ultra sound in vancouver and i've heard said you dont need it but from other posts on here ive heard that its more
accurate when ultra sound is used.i would love to just make the trip to
vancouver but if i'm gona do this i'll pay a few extra dollers for airfare
cause if it doesnt work i'll know that it wasnt because i tried to cut corners,the price is very close
thanks for imput