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Are these any good for people with pf?

Posted by kelly on 11/12/03 at 05:51 (137197)


I walked in to a shoe store today and tried on some shoes. The salesclerk stated that the HELLE shoes by Romu's are very good for the feet. She also tried to get me to buy Stonefly for dress shoes.

Are Helle shoes and Stonefly shoes good for pf? She also mentioned that no matter what problem one has, these shoes are good for anyone with foot disorders. Any opinons greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help

Re: Are these any good for people with pf?

Judy W. on 11/19/04 at 13:17 (164363)


You asked about 'Helle Comfort by Romu's' shoes.

My job as an automobile salesperson required that I be on my feet, pounding the pavement, for long hours at a time. I needed to also be able to concentrate on my customer and to project a cheerful attitude.

For many years I suffered from painful feet. If my bunions weren't hurting, my metatorsal bones were. I tried shots in my feet. I tried orthotics. I tried Berkinstocks and other earth type shoes. The Birks were comfortable after the initial painful break-in period, but the heel down, toes up position seemed to have an adverse affect on the circulation in my lower legs.

I switched to 'Helle Comfort by Romu's' shoes several years ago and I've never regretted it. My feet don't hurt any more. I've never have to go through those painful 'Break-in' periods with them either. And the ones I selected are stylish (a bonus).

I don't know if 'Helle Comfort by Romu's' shoes are good for others or for other foot conditions, but they sure were a help to me.