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Posted by JAM on 11/12/03 at 10:35 (137219)

Hi, I came across this site and was reading some of the posts. I have a question and a sort of problem. I was told about three or four years ago that I had Morton's Neuroma. I wasn't very sure that was what it was for the burning was not localized to just one area. Whenever I would use the stairclimber at the gym for a few minutes my feet felt like they were on fire. If I drive for a more that an hour, the pressure on my feet from pushing the pedal causes numbness and tingling. I am reading about this TTS and I am starting to second guess what I was told before. The burning is happening is several locations on my forefoot, not just the second and third toes. Anyone out there with the same problem or any adive. I have to problem in both my feet, but the right is worse than the left. Oh, I also have PF.


marie on 11/12/03 at 18:46 (137288)

My experience at this board is that tts can and does display itself in some non traditional ways. For me it was my small toe and the bottom of my foot that burned. Meta tarsal was numb. I was affected up to my thighs and could barely lift my legs. Enough about me....have you been given an EMG? What does your doctor think?



Lari S. on 11/13/03 at 19:19 (137437)

I, too, had the small toe, bottom of my foot, and arch that hurt unbearably. The pain went from the toes to the knee. Please check on having and EMG/NCV for your peace of mind.


Mark T. on 11/14/03 at 10:23 (137488)

That sounds similar to my story. Around 8 years ago, I see my regular doctor about heel pain. He tells me that I have bone spurs. Since my father sees the same doctor and has bone spurs, the doctor assumes that I have it too. The doctor suggests that I get a heel insert with a hole cut out in the middle. So for years I thought I had a heel spur. The next doctor I switched to said that I had Achilles tendonitis, not bone spurs. He did order X-rays and confirmed there were no bone spurs. He gives me NSAIDS to ease the pain and swelling. So for 3 years, I thought I had tendonitis. After this doctor left, I stayed with the practice and see the current doctor that I have now. Once again I go to the doctor to renew my medicine for the pain and numbness in my foot. He was the first doctor that I had that ever said ' This is way out of my league. I think I know what it is, but I'm going to let a specialist decide.'

It didn't take the podiatrist long to know what I had. He placed his finger on the inside lower part of my ankle and pressed his finger. Then said 'Does this tingle?' Sure enough it did tingle. I had PF in both feet and TTS in the left foot. The pod ordered an EMG and a NCV test done and took X-rays at the office. He told me that most of his patients are treated out of the office for TTS. After the test results came back, the pod was telling a story about a man who had TTS for 7 years and let it go on for too long. I stop him from telling the rest of the story and said ' In otherwords I need surgery.' He said that I could try the treatments first but honestly thought the treatments wouldn't fix the problem. He said that most of the TTS surgeries that he has performed had varicose veins entrapping the nerve. In my case, that what it was.

For the PF, I choosed to try the Powerstep insoles first. The pod said that the Powerstep insole was a good product to try first and if they didn't work to come back to the office. So far, I had not needed to go back. For the TTS, it took a good 8 months after the surgery before I noticed relief.

In your case, I would suggest you see a podiatrist that treats TTS and entrapment problems. EMG and NCV tests help to find out whether or not you have a pinched nerve in your foot or in your back if the tests are performed right.


Dorothy on 11/14/03 at 15:14 (137517)

There's always an 'if...' So, what does it mean 'if the tests are performed right..'? How would a patient know and what is right and what is wrong?
What happens if TTS is NOT treated at all or not treated soon enough?
What is soon enough?
I have been having funny (but not at all amusing) things going on with me extremities and have started to get a little concerned about all these possible diagnoses, versus just ignoring it and hoping it will all go away .... if I just get just the right shoe, right insole, right massage, etc. etc.
So a person can get an incompetent or inexperienced or disinterested physician, podiatrist, whatever - and then - that long process begins and with a seemingly high likelihood of a very bad outcome.
This is all just too worrisome today.


marie on 11/15/03 at 17:30 (137601)

I certainly have learned alot about doctors and their abilitites suring my journey. I prefer to have someone shoot strait with me and tell me it's out of his league then to go on and on. Fortunately I had a pod and a GP who know me well and know I'm not a quack so they listened and explored the treatment options. They also were willing to listen to the information I got from this sight.

I had numb patches in my shoulders and hand tremmors that were so bad at times I had to hold a glass of water with both hands to drink. The central nervous system is still unchartered medical territory. Was it tts that caused the tremors or something else...maybe a mild stroke?

Dorothy your post concerns me a little. Are you feeling ok?


Dorothy on 11/15/03 at 18:13 (137607)

Thanks for asking, Marie. As I wrote previously, this is not the most comfortable time, shall we say. There seems to be some change going on and I am not sure why or where it's going, but like everybody else here, I would say it makes dancing through the days more and more a dream than reality. As much as I love words, I have never been the best describer/reporter of exactly what is going on with a physical condition of my own, never been able to very exactly describe where something is happening or what it feels like. It has been a bit of a problem whenever I have tried to talk with doctors. So, in acknowledgement of that shortcoming of mine and in the interest of not encouraging me to whine, I will just say - it's not the most comfortable time... and thank you for asking; you are very thoughtful and kind, as always.


marie on 11/15/03 at 23:30 (137628)

Well don't ever feel like your alone with this. I understand how you feel I am not fond of talking about my health either...I like to ignore it as much as possible. Don't ever quit dancing even if you can only dance with your hands and your heart. Life is a celebration so if you ever need someone to celebrate with just leave me a note.

best wishes marie


Dorothy on 11/16/03 at 00:42 (137632)

Thank you, Marie. Methinks you have a good heart.


JAM on 11/17/03 at 15:15 (137746)

Thanks for the info. I am going for a nerve test soon and will know more. My little toe does do numb sometimes, if I am wearing the wrong running shoes. I always thought it was because the toe box was not wide enough. Most shoes curve a little but my foot goes straight. I usually have to buy shoes that are a size to big for me so I don't have any numbness or blisters on my toes. Also, it helps with the burning on the bottom of my forefoot. I sure hope it isn't too bad, sounds like you guys have had it pretty rough! As far as I know, the problem is only in my feet, rest of the leg seems to be normal. I sure hope I can find some answers soon. I am thinking about going back to my orthopeadic surgeon (he did a couple surgeries on my right knee) I am not sure I have a lot of faith in the pod. I am seeing. He did not order any x-rays, which I think would have been the first place to start. I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens with the nerve test. Thanks again everyone!