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Heel Spur on rear/outside of heel from ski boots?

Posted by Jim M on 11/12/03 at 10:56 (137224)

Hi, My name is Jim, my querry is about a 'Heel Spur' on my right foot, I think it is the result of my ski boots.
The spur is on my right foot, rear of heal, outside, about an inch up the outside of my heel.
I had used the boots w/out pain the prior year but skied significantly more last season, the spur began developing in early April and got much more sore through mid May when I stopped skiing, I have thrown out the boots. I spent the following 5 months mostly out of shoes, the spur is no longer inflamned but is still about 1/4' high & 1/2' in diameter.

What are my choices for treating it.

Thank you,
Jim McHugh

Re: Heel Spur on rear/outside of heel from ski boots?

Mike C.Ped/master bootfitter on 11/13/03 at 12:47 (137394)

Hi Jim,
Retrocalcaneal bursitus/pump bumps or that thing sticking off the outside back of your heel is a calcification of the bursa sack between your calcaneus and achiles tendon. It is produced by your foot pronating in your ski boot when it is the down hill foot, the medial side of your foot is colapsing and rolling down while the outside of your heel is being slamed against the side of the boot. Custom footbeds will control most of this pronation and stop your foot from slamming around in the boot, provided the boot isn't to big. Bear in mind 93% (snowsports industry of america estimate)of the folks who have boots, have bought them 1-2 sizes to big and have to over tighten them in order to have any control. A custom footbed will give you about 30% more CONTROL(a nice word). Call me at 800-675-4261 lets talk.

Re: FYI.........

Richard, C.Ped on 11/13/03 at 13:08 (137402)

Just to let you know, Mike is not a spammer. He is my father in law and I asked him to help you out with your problem. Please feel free to contact him if you need any advice.