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Neurontin patch

Posted by chrisb on 11/12/03 at 13:17 (137246)

Has anyone heard of, or tried, a neurontin cream or patch?

Re: Neurontin patch

marie on 11/12/03 at 18:50 (137289)

We have discussed it here. Try the search feature on this site. Search for 'neurontin cream or patch'.


Re: Neurontin patch

chrisb on 11/14/03 at 09:59 (137486)

Thanks Marie. From what I read on the site it doesn't seem like a magic bullet. But what is? I may try it and see. I've been through just about everything else except surgery, and I can hardly walk around the house.

Re: Neurontin patch

marie on 11/15/03 at 17:19 (137598)


I understand just what you mean about not being able to walk around the house. I am much better now but it took a long time and alot of work to get here. How long have you had problems and what other treatments have you tried?


Re: Neurontin patch

chrisb on 11/16/03 at 16:07 (137654)

Marie since you asked -
I started 3 years ago with what seemed typical PF in one foot. The first 2 months I was progressing normally, increasing my walking, then had a nosedive. Since then its never really recovered that much. Small improvement, then worsening, etc, I'm sure you know the cycle. Spiralling downward. I've tried physio, orthotics, night splint, cortisone, and in early September ESWT. Today I went out to the car on crutches and a cane, and around the house I'm on a cane or occasionally without a cane for a dozen steps. I'm no better than before ESWT, perhaps a little worse. I've been atypical for some time now (i.e. first steps are the best, then pain comes on as I walk about the house). I'm unable to get more than 50 yards on a cane -- more than that its crutch territory.

My doc feels it must be a nerve-entrapment involvement, or I'd be better than this by now. Problem is the tests don't seem to indicate much. An ultrasound a year ago showed 5.6mm fascia thickening indicating 'moderate pf'. A nerve conduction test last January indicated slight latency but not enough to indicate TTS. An MRI in June showed no indication of PF at all.
So I'm left without much standing between me and surgery but even if I consider surgery would it be for nerve entrap or fascia? I am so very frustrated about not being able to get a reliable diagnosis. Thinking about getting Dellon's nerve conduction test to see if that shows anything more.

On the up side I sure do have a loose hamstring & achilles on that leg now after 3 years of stretches. I just can't walk. How bad was/is yours and how long before you felt improvement?>

Re: Neurontin patch

marie on 11/21/03 at 15:35 (138268)

Mine got pretty bad. I was in a wheel chair and a scooter for a long time. I first noticed it in my knees about a year before. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the pain. I used a cane too. Rest, lots of vitamins, neurontin and support helped. Now I walk well. I'm not going to run any marathons but that's ok.

How long can you bare weight? Is it worse in the morning or in the evening? Do you have swelling over the tarsal area? I think before I'd consent to surgery I'd get a second opinion. This is a serious surgery and shouldn't be taken lightly.

best wishes marie